First Post! Everybody’s doing it…

Well I thought I’d give this a try…See if this could be fun. About me…Well I am a decent guy I think, a rather tall 6’7″, which ppl love to point out to me, because I am unaware of my freakish height. Lets see, I am easy to get along with and like all sorts of good stuff…I like ice cream, cartoons, video games…Did I mention I’m tall? Well I’m just about done talking about myself…Makes me feel like I’m writing a personals ad. More to come, I suppose…

Ever wonder what would happen if somebody took movies like Titanic and The Shining, and compressed them into 30 second blurbs, with bunnies instead of people as actors? Well I sure have! So feel free to go here and watch these movies over and over again…I loved Jaws and Titanic, myself…The rest are ok.

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  1. perfection is so hard to come by

    Earl, you’re not just a decent guy–you’re the *perfect* guy, remember?

  2. Thanks for the welcome! Oh yes, I forgot…PERFECT GUY HERE! I’d like to thank Jackie and Laurie for this nomination because their opinion is all that matters and it therefore must be true. 🙂

  3. 30 second rabbit movie clips have been assimilated.
    …Best website ever…
    -carrot fodder

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