Woot Dag!

I’m sick, my head hurt, I could hardly breathe, and what did I do? I sucked it up, put on some layers and went to Dag in the rain! I was in misery for the rest of the day but I REGRET NOTHING!!! There was fighting, and more fighting, and japanese hornets (ask Ari), and…Scuse me while I crush an ant with my mouse. There we go. My only complain is we didn’t do my favorite game mode (islands) but the mud would have made that difficult. Scuse me while I crush an ant with my keyboard…There we go.

Wtf that’s 3 ants in the past 5 minutes around my desk…They’re starting to piss me off. Need…Ant traps!

The churchies are getting ready for their weekly event…It’s been…Odd at home. I’m rarely home as it is (which is hardly accidental) but we rarely converse above what is deemed necessary. Can’t say I feel bad about it though. Oh, and Greg won’t stop bugging me about his freaking download (yes, YOU!)…

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