Took a look at the place that’s available right across from Kath and Derek…It wasn’t bad, I guess. But $575 for a two person that only includes water better be pretty damn impressive inside or that’s a rip. Then again, I’m a cheap bastard but it just seemed…I don’t know…No. So I shook his hand and left.

Saw Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with Jackie and Laurie…It was…Very, very good. I hesitate to say great only because I’ve read JUST ENOUGH of the books (and the movie ended almost exactly where I left off in the books) for me to be slightly dissapointed since I remembered so much from the books. But still…Definitely a must-see, it was hilarious for those who love random humor.

Out of school. At least till next semester (my last one)…The weather is beautiful, I must say…Perfect Dag weather, one might say. Problem though: I can’t get the truck tomorrow, cuz it’s leaking some sort of fluid, so my folks are taking it in. Hopefully I can get the van so I dont have to bum rides from ppl. Anywho, that’s about it. Scuse me while I crush Greg in Smash Bros…

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  1. If you have to bum rides from ppl, feel free to give me a call tomorrow. I’ll need directions to your place, but, shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Ask the landlord if the utilities are cheap. My gas bill for April, having had the heat off most of the time, was SIXTEEN DOLLARS. Sixteen. Electric is always around $40 a month, and it was $30 before we got the electric washer & dryer. Utilities that cheap are very, very hard to find (March gas bill here: $70 with heat on. March bill at Margie’s with heat barely on: $150). Since it’s the same style building and I’ve seen them doing a LOT of work on it, I would assume it has a well-insulated roof. Just ask what the heating style is (forced air, boiler, etc). So if the utilities are that cheap, $575 isn’t bad for a 2-bedroom. I can still call my landlady and ask her if she’s got anything for you – she told me she had different 2-bedroom spots opening up this month due to college kids moving away. I’m not sure if any are in this area, though. One was in Kenmore, I know that much.


  3. I’ll get ya if you need it. you know the number… just try to call before 11:30–Derek

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