TWO photo updates in ONE month??

Mom has no artistic eye at all, I swear…I made dozens of interesting pictures taken all over UB for just something to put on the inside cover of my graduation party invites (oh yes, Graduation Party…My place…June 26…Feel free to show up) Technically I graduate next semester, and that’s when the real party will be. This one will be the huffy formal one with all my folks, so come if you’re hungry, I guess, trust me, I will NOT hold it against you if you decline. So anyways, I show her all these cool pics and all she has to say is “no….no….you don’t have a picture of the big blue sign?” No, because that’s BORING…Whatever.

I’m trying to move away from nature photos but I could not resist a few times, so please forgive me. Remember to hover your mouse arrow over each pic for comments. Aaaaand, enjoy!

Bulls smell so good.

Why leave the sign on when no one's around? Waste of power...

This hallway is usually chock full of students

Glad I'm not a teacher...Imagine this full of people.

I like this pic, I dunno why...

Something about summer, and marine life, and cookies...Eh...Not interested.

You mean this ISN'T frozen foods?

Pleasure reading...

They left me chalk, but no eraser, so I had to leave it. It just felt nice to show math who's boss once and for all.

Nooo...School mode kicking in...Must...Resist...

Can I just pick one, or...

I love Knox Hall. The walls are so rough and abrasive and painful to lean on. Pretty though.

Hey look, people!

Let's all be different together!

This looks cooler in person...

Where can I get one???

I'll have to learn to play with the shutter speed so I can get a cool droplet shot.

Smells nice.

I got nothing...It's gum.

Uh oh...Getting into perspective, now.

Fossilized milk: Proof that cows once roamed these ancient hallways...

Washing ma hands and taking pictures in the bathroom...

Hey look, a distraction!

And last, but not least…My favorites from the set:

I absolutely love this picture. Possibly my favorite picture I've ever taken so far.

This one might be even better, there's so much going on with the plant buds...The ladybug isn't quite centered though and that's what makes the first one the winner.

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  1. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS. Okay Kath, calm down. Arrg.

    Psst – want to take ‘organized nature’ kinda photos? The greenhouse is an array of colors, with each row being a different color, and it looks really awesome right now with everything in bloom. I bet you could get some really cool pictures.

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