Ahhh…Went over to Derek’s yesterday and with his help got more work done on Drekk’s clubs. Y’know, you really can’t get a perfect picture of how something’s going to turn out until it’s done, and having said so, they’re still not done, but my god, they’re friggin huge lol. The grey foam really fattened them up; I had originally thought I would need a second layer to reach the size I wanted, but no, that won’t be necessary. Of course, they’re a hell of a lot unwieldlier (if that’s a word) than the loaner maces, so I’ll have to get together with Derek, Ari, and John more often to practice with em. Softer too. Damn, with a little more force behind them I can easily imagine disarming a lot more often. Hmmm…I wonder if I can bowl ppl over with leg shots…They’ll have stabbing tips too, just because having the option is always nice. Oh, and a nice lil pommel.

Counterbalancing them’s gonna be a bitch, as I’ll have to add even more weight to them. I need to fill in just to have any hope of proficiency haha. (Mental Note: If you have to change your physiology just to wield weapons YOU YOURSELF made, you did not plan properly…) At least no one will want to take them lol. They should definitely count as red if used two-handed, considering their size and weight, but that’s Alester’s call, I suppose.

Oh, and the Green Can might be worth trying fellow weapon makers…It’s runnier than the normal DAP (has the consistency of slightly watered down Elmer’s Glue), a little pricier (about $3 more), takes about twice as long to dry enough to bond the surfaces, BUT still only takes 7 days to reach max bonding power, is far easier to get off hands and stuff (as easy as Elmer’s), and best of all, I’m not suffering from a DAP headache! Smells just fine! Good stuff.

Time to mow the lawn…And pull weeds…And go to work. I love sleeping in <_<

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  1. I can’t wait to see this club of yours. I want to see you mowing down your enemy, three at a time, making them fly to either side of you with each of your mighty swings.

    And that’s when I step in.

    The fight is amazing of course, but there can only be one ending: Me, standing over the dying form of a half-orc that once weilded a large club. I grin in victory, sweat running from my brow. I look away, surveying the field of battle, realizing just how much damage was done. In that one moment of my laxness, you strike, sweeping my legs from under me, knocking me to the ground.

    As I stare at you, uncomprehending, the camera pans back, showing the sword sticking from my chest. I must have fallen upon it. It’s obviously what you had intended, because as the camera pans away, the screen splits, showing a tight shot on your face. You grin, pleased, and then the light leaves your eyes.

    Both of us have won, and both of us have lost. We both pass on as the sun sets on the battle field, a shockingly pink/yellow sky, and then…darkness.


      We both pass on as the sun sets on the battle field, a shockingly pink/yellow sky, and then…darkness.

      But wait, is that a twitch in the eye of the fallen FULL orc?? A foot twitches, and then a grunt. “Why am I still alive?” I wonder. “This does not feel like heaven at all…” And then I remember…”Oh yea, DAMAGE REDUCTION 5/- ! Kickass!” I stagger to my feet and dust off my armor, badly damaged in the fight. And then I loot your body and find a wallet with a driver’s liscense and $10 in it. My day is looking up…

      And THAT’S when the Javelin strikes me in the back and I fall for good. A fleck of blood stains the grass as I give a final cough and turn my head with my last bit of will to see some guy in red, eyes barely showing over his shield staring wide-eyed at my prone form. “Holy Crap, I hit him!” is the last thing to hit my ears as everything goes black. And that’s how it ends. Some Roman bastard gets a promotion to head-nameless drone for the kill that you put so much work into.

      Both of us have won, and both of lost…

      It’s ok, you didn’t write about this part because…Well…You were dead. I forgive you.


        Man, I had someone else’s wallet on me, and it had $10 in it?

        If I had used it to buy Starbucks beforehand, you never would have defeated me; I would have been Hasted.

  2. On the note of the glue… I think it is crappier… I went downstairs 2 days later and the one club had come appart and the other was trying to… I had to quick try to get it to reatach.. I don’t know how it turned out. I’ll check today and let you know.–Derek

    • Aw, that’s depressing…

      I’ll pick up a can of the good stuff before I swing by on Sunday…Even if it manages to hold, I really don’t want to bring them next Saturday only to have them fall apart in battle, so unless you think they’ve bonded extremely well, I’ll just re-DAP em.

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