Ahh…So tonight I fought a group of hobgoblins with my comrades Kammar (Ari), Christ (John/Kath), and Vlad (Derek), only to find my tent all crapped on by what I assumed to be the hobgoblins (crapped on by Kammar and Christ since I sorta did the same in our source of drinking water), got to fight an odd demon…thing…That wouldn’t fucking die and drained me of 10 Dexterity…And then I knocked out Christ because he wouldn’t give me the money Vlad gave us to get healed, which cost 280 gold, which as far as I know is not a ripoff. Got healed, dragged Christ back to the inn by his leg, up the stairs, and tossed him in his room, and got one of my own. Ah, a great game.

Finished the pommels on the clubs today. Tomorrow I’m going to bring over some cloth to get some help sewing the covers on, and it’ll be time for my first test run! I look forward to it…

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