One word: REALLY HUGE FUCKIN PLACE!!! No seriously, you have no idea…I was amazed when I finally saw all there was to see. It’s perfect for four people and their assorted animals. It’s an upstairs of the landlord’s which was kind of a downer right off the bat for me (I had my heart set on a townhouse kind of deal with four or more people), and…Well…There was this church STARING AT ME across the street…But that aside, we (Kath, Derek, and I) walk in to get greeted by a large man, then a kid who lets us in, then we walk back out, a larger woman wanders out to the cool outdoors (compared to inside), and then a young woman brandishing a kitten (to Derek’s dismay) greeted us and led us upstairs.

The two main bedrooms were huge (not only were they huge, but they had 2-3 side rooms apiece) with their own bathrooms and walk-in closets. The kitchen was huge, with a Stainless Steel sink (to Kath’s delight), and oh lookie, a dishwasher! Looks like I’m outta business. There was another third bathroom attached to the kitchen, where Kath found a messed up Playboy mag. The fridge had a Playboy sticker attached to it too. Musta been owned by the nuns across the street…The living room was, guess what? Really huge! Nuff said… And there was the attic, which had two rooms off to the side as well as a main area. Man, the ideas we were all getting…The most exciting one being that it had ports so we could set up a LAN party from pretty much anywhere inside the house. We just have to show it to Laurie and get her ready to sign. She better be…For 800/month between 4 ppl, it doesn’t get much better than that place…

Can I move in, like now?

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  1. When I got home, I drew a map of it. Hehee. So ya know – there are two full baths, no third one. One was attached to the mega-bedroom (the one with three side rooms) and one was off the kitchen (with the playboy). And it’s the landlady’s sister that lives in one of the downstairs apartments. Kitties everywhere, mwahahaha! We were half-expecting a Free Kitty With Rent sign.

    The more I think about it, that one room would be an AWESOME bird room. Imagine it – we put down cheapo laminated flooring (easy to clean), get some of those freestanding wood perch-and-toy things, and throw some curtains on the window so Bianca doesn’t fly into it. And your-yet-unnamed conure (that’s what you want, right?)

    And we just got settled in here, in our cozy yet tiny place. I should call Derek to make sure he picks up those apps.


  2. One last thing!

    Laundry room! We don’t even have to lug clothes to the basement and back. Yay!

    • Re: One last thing!

      Forgot the laundry room! That’s definitely going to be nice during the winter when everyone else is using the coin-op ones down the street.

      Which room, there were like 8 areas that would have made great bird rooms haha. I had the exact same idea too, some cheap EZ-clean floor tiles, free standing wood (ur thinking the Manzanita brances), I was even thinking bird-safe houseplants and some of those nifty fake vines my old store sold. It would be great.

      I want a caique (cake-bird)!

      • Re: One last thing!

        The rooms I were thinking were either one of the ones that connected to the mega-bedroom or the one smallish upstairs one…

        Laurie wants to go see after she gets back from the gym today. She seemed iffy though when I was talking to her today, she needs to check her finances and stuff…I dont think she thought I’d be ready so soon.

      • Re: One last thing!

        That bird looks fake ^_^ The plants and vines sound awesome, hehee.

      • Re: One last thing!

        Oh no, it is quite real lol. The picture doesn’t show it, but they have vivid red eyes. There’s a black-capped variety as well, but the normal ones are my favorite. They’re high energy, low noise birds that love to wrestle with people and other birds even, so Biannca might be a little wierded out by one, but cake-birds rock!

  3. That sounds awesome! I hope everything works out for you guys.

  4. that is pretty damn cool, i am going to see how cool this place is

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