Head hurts…

So much to do…It’s stressful. I don’t want to think about it right now, but w/e, I’m posting here…Ok.

Apartment Pros:

Cost! $200/month is highly affordable.
Size! So much friggin space, it’s like living at home still.
Pets! They allow anything. Nice.
Timing! Graduation party means $$$ from relatives, plus my parents have offered to assist me financially.

Apartment Cons:

– Location. Lancaster (Depew) is somewhat far from everyone and everything familiar to me. Approx 20 mins to half hour road trip to this general area. That brings gas concerns into mind. Plus there’s winter driving conditions, and getting to UB will be a major pain in the ass.
– Renovation. It needs work in a few places, especially the upstairs. And I know nothing about renovation.
– Timing. I’ll need a car, like, now, to make this work.

Making approx. $800/month at Dash’s…


200 for apartment
25 for electricity
75 for gas
10 for phone bill
10 for cable/internet
60 for food
100 for car (plan on paying off a decent amount for a used car)
140 for insurance
** rememember a lot of these figures look cheaper than they are because there are four people involved **

620 rough estimate per month, leaving $180 for miscellaneous bills I may have forgotten and other things. That’s a comfortable margin. My main concern is when I start school again, how can I keep a schedule with enough hours make around the same amount? Then again, worrying only leads to stress, and as I’ve said below, stress is pointless. I can make this work. I’m going to bed, I just felt like sharing my concerns.

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  1. Just so you know, renovations are done by landlords, not you.

    Are we talking leaky pipes, or paint color? I mean, renovations can mean a lot of things, but usually unless it’s a big thing you’re not allowed to touch it without permission, and if it ~is~ a big thing, you shouldn’t be touching it at all, it should all be on the landlords shoulders.

    Just my experience.

    • No, the apartment is just fine, but the upstairs attic rooms (three more huuuge rooms) are unfinished, with walls that at some parts slope up to the point of the roof, and in two of those rooms the walls cut off before the ceiling and need to be finished. There’s already insulation, Derek said we could just get drywall and put it in and paint it. I talked to the landlady yesterday and she said we are free to do whatever improvements we want, including overhead lighting/ceiling fans (the huge living room has -no- overhead lighting). She said there would be reimbursement for things that needed to be done (like walls). Derek and John (not his cousin, a friend who is very handy and carpenter-like) want to take it up as a project.

      Personally, I worry about the distance, too. I don’t like the idea of being 20 minutes from my mother, but if I look at it another way, I was that far from her at Margie’s, too. It’s a matter of traffic lights. At Margie’s, it wasn’t far in miles but the traffic holds you up. In Lancaster, you can take Central/Harris Hill for the 10 or so miles back to Amherst, with very few lights and no stop signs, but it’s a speed limit of 35 and no passing lanes. It’s a trade-off. An apartment like that, in Amherst, would be at least $1200/month.

      Don’t worry too much about money…I somehow made it every month with just Dash’s for almost a year, plus I was paying off a 100/mo loan and car insurance/down payments, and bills were only split between Derek and I. Our highest heating bill was $110, though winter averaged about 70/mo, and we won’t even have heating bills if we move. If you pay $140/mo for car insurance, holy shit, that’s a lot. Think about what we WOULDN’T be paying for: expensive heating, water, laundry, garbage disposal…

      I talked to Laurie last night, and she said that Jackie and her mom don’t want her to move, and those two have like, entire control of Laurie, so I don’t think she’ll be moving. Derek’s gonna talk to his sister today.


  2. Another con (though rather pointless now, since you’ve made the deposit and all, but still of some interest): there was an article in the paper today about the insane amount of lead in Depew’s soil–somethin like 2800ppm, and cleanup is supposed to begin when levels reach 400ppm….that’s a litle scary. So, um…don’t drink the water. Or bury yourself in dirt. 🙂

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