How did the day go?

– Took a look at some used cars. Saw a NICE, loaded Pontiac Grand AM GT for only $6000….Sunroof…CD…Automatic Transmisson…ABS. The guy was supposed to get back to me after financing, but he said with my decent credit I could stay within the $100-$150 dollar monthly payment range if I made a $1000 down payment, which is not impossible…
– Did some jogging and stuff with Ari and Co. It was fun. I havent done any real running in some time, and I was proud to finish a mile without having to stop and rest. You find the energy to keep going even though you feel like you’re made of lead when everyone else is doing it too. No one wants to be the first to cop out and rest…Might start going more often.
– Finished the pommels and handguards on the daggers for tomorrow. Ran outta fabric tape though, and between recycling it from other parts of the daggers and constantly readjusting the handguards, I’m slightly worried they won’t be ready…I suppose I could use Pete’s if he brings them tomorrow, but they don’t have handguards. I’ll bring the clubs, just in case…
Drain the fish tank and put it in storage. Doh! Just did not have time to do this like I’ve been wanting to do for the past week. I’m kinda out of the hobby at the moment, I fade in and out, mostly because I’ve been doing it for 10 years and I’ve kept pretty much all there is to keep, save Discus and saltwater fish.

Tomorrow is Midland! And Jeremiah’s game! I just need to dye the cargo pants I bought yesterday and make the orc tusks with the Friendly Plastic I have…Good stuff.

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  1. stupid orc forget how to update?
    -insulting carrot

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