Uber-Post of Goodness

Believe it or not, I am still alive, I am just very, very busy these days…The apartment thing is going well; Kath and Derek have already moved in, and his sister will be soon. I will be in a week or two. Mostly waiting on the car situation, which, thanks to Jeremiah and his girlfriend Maria, might have drastically improved. More on that if things progress. The apartment deal was a bit rocky…Our new landlords Phillip and what’s-her-name were a bit irritating…First they installed a wall in the middle of the living room without telling us, to make a bedroom we did not want, which was not cool. And then they said we could not use the upstairs bedrooms because it’s a fire safety hazard, even though both the upstairs rooms had matresses in them. And they’d really been taking their sweet time cleaning the place up, which I did not like. Kath, Derek, and Amy (and to a minute extent, me…Hey I said I’ve been busy!) have taken it apon themselves to scrub what they’ve missed, and I still don’t think that they should have to but Derek and Kath are on a tighter timetable than myself so I guess compromise was the way to go.

So why am I so busy? Because I’ve got a new job for one. As of Wednesday, I will no longer be a Dash’s employee, but rather, an employee for K&A Ponds & Fish, the retail outlet for K&A Landscaping. Basically I run the storefront with my old co-worker from Honey Hill, Tamela, who hooked me up with the position. Starts at 8, raise to 8.50 in 30 days. Considering I’m getting slightly more hours there than I am at Dash’s for a far more enjoyable job than before (I clean tanks while listening to 103.3 The Edge), it’s a good deal. My only concern is how to keep up the money flow while I finish what will hopefully be my last semester at UB, but let’s not dwell on that.

My brother’s graduation was two weeks ago, which was yet another source of stress. Getting the house clean…Getting ourselves mentally prepared…We had maybe 30 people total over for the party. I’m sure it was worse for Greg. I have sooo many fun pics, but I will sort through the best below.

LAN Party last week for the first time in forever. Played a LOT of CounterStrike, which was cool. I placed a respectable last with like 70 kills or so. The highest was like 130 so I have room for improvement I suppose, but I did NOT get creamed, so yay for me. I was having an off night in Jedi Academy though because I was consistently last. CounterStrike took it’s toll on me, what can I say?

D&D has been fun lately. Derek (Drekk), Kath (Garrick) AND Miah’s (Coram) have all been going well. Joined a FOURTH game…Derek’s cousin John runs one on Monday nights, and its me, Derek, Kath, and Ari. Derek’s an Elven Monk raised by Dwarves (figure that one out. He does the accent quite well, I might add), Kath’s a Fey’ri Cleric (or something, I dunno, sorry Kath!), Ari’s a Half-Vampire Fighter, and I’m a Kobold Warlock (Erlisthri’zzn the Great). Together we (meaning Ari and I) plan to take over the known world, and I think we can do it too hah. Ask him about his manifesto, it’s great. I’m sort of his sidekick (I AM Jakken, for those who’ve seen Inuyasha at least twice).

In RECENT news, I got my club back from Lance through Jeremiah yesterday and I am quite pleased ^^ Drekk, however, broke his… 😦 Got an hour or so before I gotta be at Jackie’s to pick her up for Kath’s game. Methinks I’ll work on my epic char for Geoff’s game. I WAS going Monk, but I found out inherent bonus don’t stack (damn), so since monks kind of need a lot of decent stats to be effective I was thinking I might focus on one and be a Charisma-whore with a Warlock-Monk-Hexblade-Sorcerer mix. But THEN I realized that mere humans might not cut it, so I’ma leaf through the Monster Manual and see if I can’t cook up something REALLY nasty. What’s my favorite creature in the entire Monster Manual? I’ll give you a hint: Tasty Brains…Drow are fun too. I’ve always wanted to do a Drow Sorcerer…I’ll get back on this later.

Meh, I’ll put up my way overdue pictures later, maybe tonight. I want food, it’s been a long day.

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  1. it will be ours mwahahahaHAHAHahohohoooohooohoo…
    -carrot in hes best vampire voice(and i know you know which one)

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