Well now…

What the heck, I’m sitting at home and it’s 10:30 p.m. (Well at least it was when I started typing this). I havent been home this early in weeks, its so wierd. I dunno, things are rather awkward feeling at home…Not too chatty with my folks. You know, they haven’t asked to see the place even once, and that irks me slightly. But not enough to dedicate any more of this post to that.

What’s with the can of spraypaint? Oh, nothing much, just picked it up that evening on Walden near the Galleria during a red light. It was empty. Neon pink would have looked so cool on my walls. Today, Derek, Ari, Josh, and John were all over painting my room and stuff while I was at work…I felt like an ass but I made breakfast with eggs, french toast, and sausage (and Kath made bacon!) and even brought tacos afterwards (conveniently forgetting two of them were vegetarians). They suprised me though; they had the primer AND the entire room pained by the time I got back. And it looked damn good, too. I touched up the floors and the brick bit sticking out earlier today after they left. Gotta do more of that later.

Oh, and yesterday was that birthday/housewarming party I mentioned earlier. It was fun. A few people were determined to get me drunk, but since all of them were plastered way before me, I had to rely on my own motivation after drink 4, and it just wasn’t there. I got to 6. Felt a little “weeeeee…” (touches head with finger) at 3 for a bit but that quickly wore off and I only had everyone else’s example of what the drunken experience truly is. My loss I guess. Tipsy fighting was great though, far more fun than expected. Derek and I broke out the clubs and bashed each other around for a bit…Then there was tumbling on the church lawn. Suprisingly no cops were called. Good stuff.

Stopped by Jester’s card shop after painting today. Wow. It’s such a cool store and it’s RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR!!! I’m getting some new die through them, some nice flamy-looking die. They even had gold-plated die, but they were a tad heavy for playing with. Got to look through Dieties & Demigods while I was there. Good stuff in there. Speaking of which…I am up to AC 125 in toying with Epic ideas. Assuming Geoff will allow me to use a paragon human…Even though the Epic Level Handbook does not give a set Level Adjustment for the template, I emailed Wizards, and here’s what they said:

“Hey there E. There is no set in stone level adjustment for applying the paragon template to characters. In general, you can apply the CR as well as any HD granted by a template if you want to apply it to characters (which would give it a LA of +12 in Geoff’s 30th level game), but it’s going to be up to the DM to determine the Level Adjustment. There are some Racial Paragon levels given in Unearthed Arcana starting on page 33 (blah), and you may want to use those instead. Have fun and good gaming!”

Gotta get Geoff’s email.

K I should go to bed, cuz I do sorta have work tomorrow. More on the house later.

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  1. Im told i became extremely beligerant(my new favorite word) and started giving everyone drunken advice. Bahhahahah, hope no poor fool actually wasted their time listening. I give bad advice when im sober let alone stone cold drunk. ahhh, good times. I emailed you my new charicter idea for maizer in full. should be interesting my master.
    -carrot bows down to the dumb orc(there is somthing so wrong w/this picture)

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