Ppl still read this?

Been awhile, hasn’t it?

What’s new? Where do I start?…

Finally moved in, officially. All of my major personal effects are in the apartment (and in various garbage bags in my car), and I am sleeping there now. The bed frame is sort of messed up, so I really sleep on a mattress in the middle of my room, but for now it will have to do. Speedy internet not up yet; I’m posting this from work, which is also going well. The new job is at K&A Ponds, a retail outlet for a landscaping company. Very laid-back, pretty much me and my friend Tam whom I’ve worked with for years now running the store. Decent pay, although things’ll be tight once school starts in two weeks…Should be an interesting series of events, balancing work, school, etc.

Having my own place isn’t as much of a shock as I thought it would be. The freedom is definitely the best part. I’ll clean my room when I’m good and ready. And yea, it needs cleaning…But anyways…Oh! New game of D&D going. Joined John’s game a few weeks back. John’s a great DM, I must say. Made a Halfling Monk, Ur Theobrand. Do I like monks too much? Perhaps, but what’s not to like about a 25 AC (before Combat Expertise), a +10 flurry, 1d6+3 unarmed damage and a 21 stun DC? And a Badass Bandana, to steal the Munchkin item. Derek’s game is going well also. Every level Drekk gets I manage to tack on maybe 5 more points of damage. I’ll bet the DM is loving it too. Barbarians rock! I’ve found some seriously broken feats too in other books but I won’t bother running them by anyone since Drekk is already a (the?) heavy-hitter of the group. One feat lets me up my Str and Con by another +2 each, and an additional -2 to my AC…Heheheh. But I think I’ll get the one that lets me use a rage to boost my Will save by my strength…Or the one that lets me triple my Power Attack damage after a charge…Slowly becoming a power-gamer…

I have been Dag-less for a month this Saturday and it’s killing me. They need me on Saturdays…The first one was planned, but the next, they made me come in on my off-day and that was painful because I already knew the next two were the Erie County Fair weeks and I was already scheduled to work those for the increased business. This Saturday’s the last one; after that it’s already been arranged that I get the next two off for Dag, so there better not be any schedule suprises in store…Or I’ll cry. I’m feeling rusty, I need to beat on some Romans!

That or I need to take some pics and relax my head some. I’m thinking tomorrow if the weather’s nice I’ll take a drive down to the city and just wander, see what I can snap shots of. I went down there on an errand a week ago and realized “hey, I should come down here sometime, it’s kinda neat.” Holy…It’s 5:50, almost time to close, so I’ma go now and do some actual work for a change. Update later.

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  1. i need to get my own place fast, i’m being driven crazy here 😡

    hey earl, your room is being painted red, CAUSE I’M MOVING IN BWAHAHAHAHA

    Anyways, hey, we should get lunch at pizzaworks sometime, they have 5 dollar lunch specials for whole subs and shit, and its pretty fantastic.

  2. Sure….John’s great…Derek’s awesome….characters rule…blah..blah..blah.

    I’m feeling left out here. :-p

    No, seriously, congratulations on moving out. Hope you can make it to Dag again some time. We could have really used you at the Zombie Day.

    Good luck relaxing.

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