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Hi! Wha’s to talk about? Let’s see…
So here I am while many of you are having fun hitting things at Dag…Boo. (If you are at Dag, please smack Corey around a few times. Not only is he a dirty blow-shirking little rule monger, but he smacked me in the eye YET AGAIN last week, knocking out YET ANOTHER contact lens of mine. I should send him a bill cuz it’s really aggravating, especially with the friggin red welt in my eye I had to explain to my folks after chipping my tooth at Dag the week before. Their response? “Why do you do these things?”)

Apartment, blah blah, everything’s fine there. Still need to hang up my wall items (post-it board, posters, calendar, etc) but the dresser and stuff is in. That and get a computer chair. Lesse…School sucks. Well..Not really but I don’t enjoy it all that much. I mean the classes are interesting, especially my Science, Religion, and Nature course, but I just feel wierd going back again. 5th year starting…Hopefully ending the college career as well. The teacher is rather exciting however. Sandy Geffner, the same teacher I had for a different environmental course, is an amazing guy. He’s the spacey tree-hugging type and quite amusing. And he takes us on all kinds of field trips. In field ecology a few years back, we went to a place in Orchard Park called “The Eternal Flame.” It was an amazing hike, huge old-growth trees, a streamside walk, various fungi, and a mossy pine grove straight outta Bambi. That amazing hike ended with us scaling a cliff face as a class. Only one person fell. I wish I had my camera then. And now I’m hoping that he’ll take us on some other adventure so I can share the photos with my readers.

One of the things about living from home that’s been a somewhat radical adjustment is the fact that we don’t have cable net. Yet. I broke internet’s grip on me. It really wasn’t as much of an adjustment as I thought it would be since I don’t have all that much free time to begin with. But then, I never really did, I just ate into sleepy time to surf the web and play games. And honestly, I’m not sure if I want it again. I love having time to get a full night’s sleep, get up at leisure, work out, go for a jog (rarely), shave (rarely), watch cartoons with a bowl of cereal and feed the fish vs. wake up, perform a brief shower-teeth brushing ritual, then surf till I need to be at class 10 minutes ago. But then it’s hardly the net’s fault, is it? It’s my own. Not enough self control. SO, I’m all for getting cable back in the house since not having the net keeps me from doing fun stuff like updating my livejournal often (typing from work….again. Hey, I clocked out…). Not to mention the mere thought of a game of Frozen Throne makes me salivate. BUT…I need to do something about my own net usage so I don’t backslide into becoming an internet junkie all over again because that’s really not a place I want to be.

My favorite holiday’s coming up. Halloween! I’ve been thinking about costume ideas and after watching The Chronicles of Riddick I think Riddick would be a kickass costume idea. I’ve already got perfect pants, I’d just need a sleeveless T, the hand and wrist wraps, goggles, new black boots (mine are muddy and torn), and Riddick-style muscles. Yea, I could so pull that off in two months…No I can’t, but hell, I can try.

Well that’s all that’s on my mind for now. Soon I shall be enjoying tasty meatloaf(?) at Jeremiah’s while playing his ULTRA UBER AMAZING GAME THAT I ENJOY SO MUCH! (There’s your plug, Miah, just as I promised.) So yea, that’s all folks.

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  1. We’re having meatloaf?


    Seriously though, I have no idea where that came from, but if I got your hopes up I’m really sorry. No meatloaf. Pasta from a restaurant because we didn’t have time to cook. Hope that’s not too big of a dissapointment. Of course, I guess it really depends on how good they make their pasta. 🙂

    What is Frozen Throne?

  2. Riddick is cool! i like that idea 🙂

  3. Thanks. I’m still slightly reserved about the idea since I have no idea how I’m gonna do that cloak, but it could be fun, we’ll see. I might also do the Voodoo Witch Doctor I wanted to do last year…

    Frozen Throne is the expansion for Warcraft III. More specifically, I play Defense of the Ancients, a modification of the normal game. So good…

    • On a completely unrelated note: Do you still have the tupperware we sent with the ham? If you don’t return the tupperware, we’re not having ham again.

      Okay, well, we’ll have ham, but we won’t give you a take-home box of it.

      Well, okay, we’ll give you a take-home box of ham, but we’ll lecture you sternly about returning it this time.

  4. 2 notes as I peruse your page and once again come across this post:

    1. What? My game wasn’t good enough for bold or something? It only gets caps and being called Ultra Uber? Pshaw. Not even italics?

    2. Please bring the tupperware tonight. 🙂

    This has been a publice service announcement. Had this been an actual emergency, like you not bringing the tupperware tonight would be, then..well…bad things would happen to your character. Yeah, that’s it….

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