Pick up this week’s ArtVoice and check out the article on Katrina. Normally I try to remain wary of anything printed because all too many news writers use their work to put their own spin on things and evoke strong emotion in their readers, but this article was nothing short of infuriating in my opinion. An absolute failure of the Bush Administration nearly equal with the Iraq Quagmire. It’s…Yea. Just read it.

The part that I found most interesting was something I’ve been hearing quite a lot. New Orleans is (was) one of the hubs of African-American culture, and this raises the question of what New-New Orleans will become? It’s one thing to rebuild buildings and streets, but a culture? Hundred-year old buildings, shops, traditions? That’s the part that truly saddens me and I haven’t even been to New Orleans before. Nor will I ever get the chance to. New-New Orleans will, in all likelihood be a pale shadow of its mother city. Which brings up a new question: Why are they even going to rebuild IN THE SAME DAMN SPOT, no less? I suppose I am for it due to it’s historical heritage and the fact that it just seems wrong to walk away from a not entirely insurmountable problem; its just not human nature. We rebuild and (usually) do things better. So I guess I can’t talk, can I? I am people, so I can say this without reservation:

People are dumb. Especially those in charge of everyone else.

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  1. I, too, regret the fact that I never made it to New Orleans before this tragedy. Along with being one of the hubs of African-American culture, it is also one of the ~major~ US hubs for ghost hunters. Sure, not as important a thing, but for someone like me that’s a pretty big thing.

    Then again, I’m weird.

    You know that I agree that we probably should rebuild, but you also know that I believe we will. Unfortunately human nature is fairly predictable.

    I guess this will just teach me that in the future if there’s somewhere I feel the need to visit, I should get off my ass and do it, if only because the future is in constant flux.

  2. As for the rebuilding thing, I heard that there’s a European city (I think the radio said it was in Amsterdam) that had a similar issue with being under sea level. They created huge computerized water gates that automatically shut when sea levels start to rise dangerously, keeping the city safe and dry.

    If America was smart, they’d do that here. It’d probably be useful in parts of Florida, too.

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