30 seconds of my life

Despite having picked up a slight cold I remmain functional and well, thanks for asking! What do you mean you didn’t care? Well fine, screw you then!

In other news, I just skipped a class to write a report for two others. Does that justify it? I think so…Still have to somehow get my seminar presentation done tonight even though I’m supposed to go to “Inuyasha night” at Laurie’s cuz I gots work in an hour and a half. Which means I get to wake up nice and early to get it done right before class! Yay!

Breaking news: I am hungry! Yet so sick of eating the stuff they offer on campus. I could go get something…Or I could go to that class since there’s still 30 minutes of it to go and there’s a test of Friday. But it’s a by the book-class and man, I’m friggin starving and I left my damn steak at the apartment (this is why I never brought my lunch in high school) and I’m sure it’s been eaten by now cuz it’s all warm, n’ tasty and ok that’s it I’m not typing anymore need food now!!!11

This has been a moment of my life, by Me.

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  1. Bad Earl, no cookie!

    I don’t know why, I just wanted to say that. You can have a cookie.

    But first you have to buy them, I suppose, since I don’t have any to hand out.

    I’m really bored.

  2. Yes, bad you, skipping class bad, I should know, I’m experienced in that…

    But I was REALLY posting because I was wondering… What on Earth is Inu-Yasha Night?


    • Innu Yasha is an anime.. reallly cool anime. On mondays we’ve all been going to Lauries to watch it.–Derek

      • Well, I know what Inu-Yasha is, I’ve only missed a few episodes (and the movie when it was on a few weeks ago, we didn’t know it was the movie and only taped 1/2 hour… doh!)
        But Inu-Yasha gatherings, eh? Geek Fest! Woot! I haven’t been to an anime geek fest in a long time (RIT Anime Club smelled WAY too bad… so much so that the Club BOARD told them to shower!)

        Well, probably be seeing you on Saturday?


  3. EARL?




  4. OK, I had to tell you I just heard “the sounds of General snoring”

    Wow. Luckily I was already lying down, because I spent the next minute rolling around laughing. That was just wrong 🙂


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