You know…

The last few times I’ve ordered Fried Dough at Rocko’s it’s been quite bad compared to the very first two batches I’ve had. Dunno why, but it’s quite irritating.

What’s new…Nothing really, I just had to open this update SOMEHOW…

Lately I’ve been putting a lot of effort into new stuff for Midland/Dag/whatever. Got a cool sword on paper, and now that we have foam (!!!) I can get to work on a sword for myself. A good sword. My first sword was junk because it would wobble when I swung it, so I’m considering a somewhat flatter, broader sword. I don’t know quite what to call it but I’ll come back here with a name when I can. Also making a shield bracer because after playing with Lance’s I know they’re quite fun to have. As for costume…I’m thinking a frayed sleeveless T, my black cargo pants and boots, and possibly a cloak. Going to craft some (half) orc tusks like I did last time too. Haven’t decided if I want a bandanna or a face mask, but I’m almost definitely buying some stuff for an eye scar as well. Not suspicious looking at all, especially considering we (me, Ari, Josh, John, and Laurie) are supposed to be witch-hunters.


It’s a good idea. See, we’re of the belief that wizards and such have to get their power from somewhere, and out belief is that they steal their power from the gods, and knowingly or otherwise, are slowly weakening them. So we have been charged with slaying these mages and returning the power to the gods. As Lance put it “you guys are going to die.” Except I think he thinks we’re just going to bust out on a mage-hunting crusade the first game…Oh no…We’re much more subtle than that. The first game will mostly be about simple questions, gathering information and putting fears in peoples…I’ve said too much already.

In other news…Good stuff in D&D news. I’ve actually had to use Concentration last week with a non-spellcaster. Of which I had no ranks in. Hey, I know Concentration is a class skill for monks, but how often have YOU had to use it, really?…Good thing I DID have ranks in climb and jump. Climbing a greased pole is not easy. (Nor climbing a rock wall, but that’s another story) Nat 20’s in the teens help as well. Derek’s game happens (maybe?) this Friday…Still curious as to why he keeps apologizing to his players. Didn’t get to play John’s game this week, but did get to watch the first four episodes of Samurai Champloo. Miah’s game was…Interesting. I had to roleplay a 5 intelligence. It was…Interesting. I couldn’t quite pull it off the way I wanted though (should have been more incoherent babble), but I did frustrate my team to nearly abandoning me and that’s what really counts in the end. I just hope I didn’t kill that Lizard-Man…I mean he WAS evil, but he wasn’t the guy we were looking for. Damn Lawful Alignments…Why can’t I be like that chick in Order of the Stick who does whatever she wants??…

Um…Closing statements aren’t my thing, so I’ll just end this with “And that’s all I feel like talking about.”

The End

In even MORE other news, I may be picking up extra cash cleaning (more) fish tanks for lazy people who will actually give me $50 to come by once a month to clean their tank, which would take all of an hour or two. If I weren’t so lazy I could start a mini-business that way.

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