Typing from Greg’s computer cuz I had to do lots of research and UB’s a pain in the ass

Midland was a fun time. Not as enjoyable as my last one, to be honest, but still a lot of fun. Got nearly all of my plans done for a change; with a little (a lot) of assistance from Derek I managed to get a new weapon and a new shirt completed in time. Good stuff. Except for all the dying. That was kind of lame, but at least I got to hit lots of stuff, and in the end, isn’t that all that matters? Unfortunately Ari, Josh, John, Laurie (and almost Jeremiah) could not attend, but here’s to the next event, I suppose.

The new game they had planned did not seem to sit well with the vast majority of people however, myself included. Granted, we were a bit late, so we (or at least me) did not fully understand the plot that had been set up, however it involved the avatars of the gods walking among us. Which, of course, means uber powers up the wazoo. Can you say “Mass Ressurection every minute?” No lie. Yea, I died maybe 8 times but who the hell cares when you just bounce back right away?? Which is precisely what’s wrong with “mass heal.” But we won’t get any more into that. I only wish we had gotten there sooner so I could have gotten a plot packet. Basically I chopped wood for the tavern wench, chatted with her in the forest, got a free meal out of the deal…And defended said tavern from constant demonic invasion for no apparent reason. I got a bone, too. In-game thing.

It just occurred to me that I no longer have hair and should update my profile picture to account for this strange phenomena. I offer this service to anyone else who has a livejournal and would like a new avatar as well. Just comment here or in person and we can set up a time when I can swing by and snap a picture.

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  1. I would definately like a new avatar. A picture taken by someone that can actually TAKE a picture would be awesome. 🙂

    • This is a Good Idea…

      After all the hell I gave you about the above LJ avatar, you better be getting a new one. 😉

      Granted, I don’t have one…but then again, my picture is out there, you just have to know where to look. As is Fixxxer’s, and a couple of other folks.

    • Re: This is a Good Idea…

      I actually brought my camera last Saturday too…I was distracted by D&D hijinks though and forgot about it. Next time, for sure.


    what if i just draw you an avatar?

    • You could, but I don’t want to be all ANIME-ESQUE!!! OMG YOU DRAW ANIME SO GOOD MAKE ME ANIME TOO!!11

      No, but seriously, draw one. If I update to premium service, I can get the thing that lets me constantly shift between multiple avatars (I think) and I’ll include that in as one.

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