And so it begins…My Greatest Work Completed!!!

Here’s a sample of what I’m going to do for each game I’m in. Basically, I’m going to create new Livejournals, update them on the character and his party, summarize first with what’s been going on in-game up until now, and then posts each week (about) on what happened. If a game gets cancelled for whatever reason…I may take creative liberties heh. If one dies…Uh…Things will get interesting, I suppose. I’ll have to create a link for the top of the page, which should not be a problem I think. What do you all think of the new layout, BTW? Sexy, no?

I’m doing John’s game-page first since his has been going on for the least amount of time, so it will be the easiest to write about. Then Jeremiah’s and then Derek’s. Well maybe not Miah’s, since he’s starting a page of his own, but most definitely Derek’s. . Tell me what you think.

Ur Theobrand

I’m still somewhat annoyed though. I’m at work when I could be out doing the Halloween battle for Dag that I’d been looking forward too all month. Did they really have to postpone it a week just so Lance could be there? What about me? No love for the half-orcs, seriously…Ah well.

I picked up a pattern for a cloak I hope to have done in time for the Narnia-Christmas thing from Jo-Ann’s today. Simplicity 5840-B (The black cloak) The lady assured me it would not be difficult for an absolute beginner, and I believe her. I’ll just have to tinker with the sewing machine a bit; I had some knowledge of how to use one back in middle school (Home Ec., anyone?) but it did not stick. That and I should have enough core upstairs for a pair of short swords. I want latex this time though. These will be nice and along with my daggers the weapons I plan on using most often. See, I’m starting a decent weapon collection (pair of great clubs, machete, pair o daggers in the works) but these have to be the hallmarks. More on those later once I look up preciely what the rules for them will be. I’d type more, but I’m hungry and it’s almost time to go to Jeremiah’s for food and game, so off I go!

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  1. I never know what you are talking about in your livejournals anymore. It’s like I’m lost after i’ve figured out you are talking about D&D and then my mind loses the ability to understand.


    We need to hang out this weekend or something, i have to get out of the house and do something fun.

  2. Friend of Jfargo Here

    Just wanted to point out something (being the artsy/creative guy that I am).

    Watch the material flow through the feeder on the sewing machine and how thick it can get. I’ve seen (and experienced) too many times when the needle has been snapped and ricocheted into the sewing machine user because the needle had a hard time trying to pierce the material and snapped. For me, they always seem to aim for my eyes (which is why I always wear my glasses tight up around my eyes when I have to sew.

    Also, stick with the pattern. Don’t try to deviate from it unless you know what you’re doing. I’m not certain how much experience you’ve got sewing so I’ll just add the basics too. Always pin your pattern to your material before you cut it. What’s nice with cloaks is that if you wanted to do a different material (and/or color) you can just lay that out, pin it, and cut it with the pattern too all at the same time. I like cloaks that have a nice, softer feel of say silk on the interior, than the harder, stiffer material often chosen for the outside material.

    Just some advice, take it or leave it. πŸ™‚

    • Re: Friend of Jfargo Here

      I’m glad to hear it won’t be too hard to make the one modification I wanted to make, mainly I wanted to add black fur over the shoulder flap (I know thats not really what it’s called).

      Thats some great advice though, thanks. The needle thing does not sound too fun.

  3. aye, sexy. very sexy…
    -arousal of a carrot

  4. Totally Off Subject:

    In case you’re wondering what Haley says in Friday’s Order Of The Stick, I have translated it.

    Would you like to know? πŸ™‚ (Note: This is a real translation.)

    • Re: Totally Off Subject:

      There is meaning behind her words? Please do translate, I must know!

      • Re: Totally Off Subject:

        Starting Scene one as the first time she talks:

        Scene 1 – “Treasure!”
        Scene 2 – Gone! All of it, gone! I can’t believe it’s all gone! I got eaten by a dragon for that frickin’ treasure!
        Scene 3 – I got vomited up! By a disgusting acid-breathing dragon! And now it’s GONE!
        Scene 4 – Not THE loot! MY loot!
        Scene 5 – Wait. Why do I sound funny? Hello? Hello?
        Scene 6 – What? No! Don’t you dare!
        Scene 7 – Sneak attack boot to the face!
        Scene 8 – Darn straight!

        Second Comic Where She’s All Confused: (as before, I’m only counting the scenes where she talks.)
        Scene 1 – It means my speech is all funny sounding.
        Scene 2 – Come again?
        Scene 3 – Could somebody get weepy transexual off me?

        Third Comic Where She’s All Confused: This one’s tough because I think the artist purposely messed it up, but I’ve got something that makes sense within the context.
        Scene Only – Maybe you’re right.

        That’s all there is for now.

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