What’s new…So much to type about, so little time…Well not really. Quite the opposite, in fact, but I’ve got nothing better to do.

Oh yea, it’s Thanksgiving break, which is why I’m not at school today! Thanksgiving is never all that an exciting event for me…Mostly because I never gorge on turkey. Most ppl stuff themselves silly but I eat pretty much normally, mostly because I know there will be more than enough leftovers to satisfy any turkey cravings I’ll have over the next few days. So Thanksgiving is not too exciting, but I suppose I am mildly excited in being able to see my family again. Which strikes me as rather odd, quite frankly. Considering the circumstances of me moving, I expected things to be somewhat tense between us, yet it’s really more as if nothing’s happened at all. Which bugs me as well somewhat. But that’s not really a big deal.

Had to break down the filter on my tank today, which was a pain. I suspected that it was the impeller assembly, but considering none of the usual methods were working, I was starting to think the whole motor had kicked it. The only thing left to try was taking it apart and testing the impeller, but I’d been putting it off for almost a week, which I knew would make it worse, but I just didnt feel like doing it…So today I got to wade around in murky water that smelled of rotten eggs (when the water flow stops the normal water bacteria die and get replaced by decomposition (anaerobic) germs that make things foul) that made the whole house stink of hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs), with the dog trying to sniff everything around to find the source. Took me a bit of time, but luckily it was indeed just the impeller, which means all it takes is a few adjustments to get it going again, as opposed to buying a whole new motor, which costs $$$.

Speaking of tank cleanings…

A few days back I got paid for doing a cleaning at a person’s house for the first time. Thanks to some work connections I got hooked up with a fellow who lives in those condos behind Target on Transit, and I got to come over. And my first reaction was…”Damn…This guy’s a neat-freak, he’s gonna be all over me.” And he was, but I pleased him enough for him to pay me. That’s only half of it. As I was cleaning up, he asked me the standard set of conversation-starters; namely where do you go to school, what’s your major, etc…And I indulged him in that and I happened to mention that I do photography as a hobby, which interested him somewhat. He asked me a few questions, such as what the extent of my photoshop experience was, and basically I learned that the modeling (repeat: MODELING) company he works with keeps an eye out for people who can mess with a camera and photoshop and he might be able to show off what I could do to some important ppl. Not a bad start for my first tank-cleaning. He’s supposed to send me some pictures (of models, I’d imagine…I’ll put them up here, of course) for me to clean up in photoshop…We’ll see how that goes.

Updates on that later.

I still need to shave my head. It’s winter now and I dislike the cold wind on my scalp, but my hair has taken an odd grain since I started shaving it regularly (as Jeremiah put it: your hair looks cool.). Except it’s NOT cool! Hairs get ingrown and itchy, and it’s a pain in the ass, so now I have to keep shaving it. Bah…Oh well, I’ll get over it.

Saw a video in Science, Nature, and Religion (great gen-ed class, for any UB students here) on “Spirit and Nature.” A variety of speakers were presented, most notably the Dahli Llama. He’s such a cool guy, judging by his talk, I definitely want to go see him when he comes to UB next summer. Who’s with me?


My brother seems to be rekindling his relationship with my father, whom neither of us have spoken to in 3 years, because…None of your business. Lots of stuff. I assume he’ll start to see him again, which is cool, I guess, but I’ve aleady come to the conclusion that I have no desire whatsoever to see him again and could not go, even though I know how uncomfortable it would be with Greg alone there. Should I suck it up and be there for my brother? I do feel like a coward, but too much transpired between us for me to forget; I know already that I would not be able to put on a face for his sake, it would end up with discussion leading me to driving straight back home again. You thought my folks were Fundamentalist Christians? They’re pot-smoking, hemp-wearing, Nihilist-reading, tye-die-making, Starbucks-drinking Ay-rab Kerry-supporters compared to him. Well…Not really, but I don’t think I would have been given the option to move out had I lived with my father. Yea…Cowardly, I know.

I’ll write about more stuff later.

Um…Geek-update of the moment: Coram gets Exalted feats, Drekk leveled, and Ur is looking at psionic classes down the road. Bleach Vol. 10 is out, and I just finished “Promise of the Witch-King,” by R. Salvatore (since Amy is holding “The Lone Drow” hostage somewhere). Great read, but rather dissapointing, story-wise, for a number of reasons. Most notably because I had to check numerous times to make absolutely certain I did not skip a book or two, so much stuff happens between the first and second book that you’re pretty much thrown into a completely new saga. The ending bothers me as well, precisely because of this gap. It would have been far better had there been a book in the middle of the first and second to explain things, but no…Major screwup, in my opinion. But I won’t go any further for those who haven’t read it yet. Yes I will. Jarlaxle and Entreri make the greatest dynamic duo ever, no questions asked. Also Arthrogate should have been in the main Drizzt series, he’s that entertaining. Or joined with Jarlaxle and Entreri. That is all.

No wait! I found my Nat 20 shirt too! Damn you Greg, I knew you had it! Closet D&D lover…

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  1. Okay, first I’m going to answer the question you ask here, because you asked it. I have no idea what happened with your father, and that’s fine, I’m just going to go with the base facts given here.

    I suggest that even though you might be leaving your brother out in the cold by not going, you not go. I believe it would be better for him to screw up the courage to go alone than to believe that his big brother is going to be there, and then you just up and leave because you can’t stand to be in this man’s presence. Maybe somewhere down the line you could talk with him, sure, but it sounds like you just don’t want to, and that’s a choice that’s completely yours to make.

    On to other things that I know about. 😉

    Exalted feats rule!

    Yeah, that’s about it. I don’t think I read Promise of the Witch-King, interestingly enough. I thought I had read all of those series-type-books. Weird.

  2. I like how one of the first things Dad discussed was that THE LORD IS MERCIFUL THE LORD JESUS CHRIST LORD GOD LORD LORD HEY IM A DEACON AT MY CHURCH GOD GOD

    i mean there’s nothing wrong with him being christian and all, but it seemed too much like he was piling it on like religious gravy on top of my agnostic mashed potatoes 😡

    I don’t see myself seeing Dad anytime soon, so don’t fret about having to come with me to see him or whatever. It’s already taken enough guts for me to just e-mail him. I’d rather take things slow.

    CURSE YOU EARL I PLANNED TO USE YOUR SHIRT FOR (insert evil plan here)

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