Planning stages

…So should I actually READ the book, or what?…

Woo hoo, Narnia-Christmas-thing! Already got off this particular Saturday, and HOPEFULLY I’ll have my garb ready by then (been tryin to get ahold of Laurie for a week now so we can work on ours together since she said she wanted to go to the next event, but no luck so far 😦 The 3rd Sat. of November IS a date, I don’t care what anyone else says ) Gonna start on that cloak pattern this Sunday I think, since it’ll be a short workday. I’ll keep the updates coming on that. So far I want to make the following modifications:

– the sleeves will end at the elbws instead of the wrists
– black fur around the shoulders instead of normal cloth

I’m going to start construction of a longsword next week as well so I’m not scrambling to get stuff done beforehand like I do every single event. Although I’d really like a pair of latex shorswords all my own, I fell in love with Politano’s lightweight longsword he let me use some Dag weeks back, and I wish to emulate it, even though I think it’s technically not Dag-legal. I only hope I have enough golf-core left over from my machete…

Of course I’m assuming there’s even going be fighting at this event…Even though there probably won’t be anything OFFICIAL, hey, if I’m bringing my weapons, I’m challenging ppl in the parking lot.

So yea, sign up already.

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  1. If you need the book, I have it, just so you know.

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