Well…15 minutes until I can clock out and go back home. Such a boring day…Not a single customer entered the store today. One phone call…Yawn. Well when I get back, I suppose I need to finish washing some laundry…I need towels after the cat food incident.

I didn’t explain the cat food incident? Basically I set some clothes to wash, as per normal, and I came back later to check on the progress to find the laundry room awash in about 2 inches of water and a confused cat sitting on his litter box. Apparently when the washer did it’s spin cycle to shed the excess water into the laundry sink, its progress was blocked by a tasty mound of cat food plugging the drain. SO I got to splash around for about an hour throwing towels on the floor (all my towels 😦 ). I only got shocked once. Damn electricity. Where was I? Oh yes…

Wash some laundry, work out some, loaf around…Loaf time is extremely important…And then get ready to go to Dave & Buster’s with ppl. Not entirey sure who’s coming, but it sounds to be fun.

Miah’s game last night was fun. Got to see Laura for the first time in many weeks, and we all promptly scared her back home with our antics…I did stare down a Red Dragon though. That was cool. Miah, I take back what I said I liked most about last night, staring down a dragon beats it. Even if it was a baby. I also unveiled my Nat 20 shirt for the first time in months last night. Didn’t feel the power though. Gotta give it a few days I think.

Hopefully John’s game goes as planned and I will have adjusted to the shirt’s power by then. Things promised to be particularly interesting last game and I have fun combat feats I want to try. By 9th level I shall have Elusive Target (see Complete Warrior), such an insane feat for an AC-whore like mysef, I love it…

And then there’s Drekk. Bite of the Wolf (psionics) + Improved Grapple. Which I had planned for Drekk way in the beginning, but decided not to do since Grappling is complicated and risky. But when my bite attack does more damage than my Greatclub it’s work mulling over…

Well, it’s 3:05, so I think I’m going to stop typing now. Next update will be on something less interesting, like school, or something. Or not. We’ll see how it goes.


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  1. So … ummm … how are the towels, and did the ~cat~ get shocked?

    Actually, I thought you guys had gotten rid of the cat. Did I miss something?

    Glad you made it out to D&B. Still don’t know where we’re going next month. Any suggestions? I’d like it to be a locally-owned-and-operated restaurant so it can go on my website, but if not … well … that’s life, I suppose.

    See you Friday!

    • The towels are fine. It took two washings to get all the crud out of them though. The cat is fine, it did not smell TOO singed…

      You musta missed something, although I thought the cat would be gone a week after I moved in. Don’t really care though, its not like I’m sleeping in the laundry room heh.

      Suggestions, suggestions…Um…I’ll get back to you on that. Gotta go to class.

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