Why can’t I come up with an innovative subject for my posts?…

I’m going to try something new. I’m going to just sit here and write about whatever floats in my head for the next few minutes and see where I go with it, ok? Good. Let’s begin…

Still no word from that Chris fellow…He was supposed to send me those pics so I could play with them on Photoshop…Not nice to get my hopes up all like that. Am I supposed to follow up on him with it, or what?


I bombed/aced my third exam in Magic, Witchcraft, and Sorcery. Completely bombed the essay portion, but completely aced the short answer, which got me a 77. Eh.

Dave & Buster’s was fun. I don’t care what anyone else says, I’d rather have a waiter on speed than a normal waiter/waitress. It creates an atmosphere…

Laurie and I watched the last DVD of Full Metal Panic: Fumofu on Wednesday. Hah. So great. Too bad it’s already over but hey, it’s only a mini-series…

Work today? Yay. Money to put towards the Christmas party fund.

Christmas Party, Friday, December 23rd. Be there. Or else.


Internet’s running at the house, except I think I improperly crimped the connectors…I dunno…I checked them over and they appeared fine, but I had to stop at home and bum a few off my folks since I knew they had some and I had to stop by anyways to get some leftover turkey. Tasty…

I’ve been eating out a lot lately. But not at expensive places. Gin-Gin’s is my happy place, I will say that much. The Fried Hamburger & Tofu on Rice is delicious. I think I’ll try the Chicken Feet next. Or not.

Saw that new Harry Potter movie last week with my brother. It was…Interesting. I could have appreciated it more I’m sure had I read a SINGLE book or saw the original movies, but he assured me I would be fine. And it was a decent movie irregardless.

Stupid Railroad Plots.

My head’s cold.

Man, I gotta go back to class in like 20 minutes…I ran back home to drop off some stuff for my mom and pick up that turkey (hence I am now typing). I don’t want to go, but it’s the last class and it would be rather pointless of me to skip it when the teacher’s been rushing to cram in everything we’ll need to know for the final exam.

Fucking snow.

Interesting…That was quite a few more gripes than I expected there would be. I think I need to relax a bit more. I try to get some time every few days (usually Sundays) to simply relax, play some music, and just meditate (veg) on whatever, and it helps quite a bit in an intangible way, but I still think too much on unimportant stuff, I think. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again…I’m almost opposed to having the net back in my room because it means a return to online games and time wasted, sleep lost, and headaches (monitor sickness actually seems to affect me around the sinus area for some reason). I think I need…Something. I dunno.

No, I’m not making sense, but I typed this for my benefit, not yours. Whoever you may be. So back off! Or I’ll…Hit you…With my…Greatclub! Ah that’s right, Derek’s game is tonight, isn’t it?

Damn, and I was hoping to forgo any geek references in this post…

That is all for now.

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  1. I MISS YOU!!! Seriously, none of us see each other anymore. Tomorrow should be fun though. And, just to clarify, the Christmas Bash is at your apartement this year, correct?

  2. earl, it is impossible to resist your inner geek 😛

    glad you liked the HP movie, i figured you would. The movie, while having references to the book (which i do not read fyi), is pretty much exceptional enough to help outer-circle people enjoy it.

    Can’t wait for the christmas bash, is it ok if i bring a guest?

  3. Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot – pie!

    Just writing whatever comes to my head. 🙂

    (There’s a reason I don’t do that very often.)

  4. earl!!!!!!!

    hey earl, long time no talk. i tried coming to visit you at your appt a bit ago but no one was home. if youre still thinking about or currently playing world of warcraft you should join my server, its Stormscale. my characters are ingvar and dagarkin… peace! lucas

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