It’s been an interesting month, that’s for certain…

In recent news, I babysat Jeremiah’s dogs Won-Ton and Mai-Tai over the weekend while Jeremiah and Maria went to see family. It was fun only because I got to get out of the house and…Live in…Someone else’s house…I dunno. The dogs really didn’t do too much except insist on forming a defensive perimeter around me at all times. If I left to get a glass of water, they followed me. If I went to get a book or a movie, they followed me. Watched three movies, all of which I had seen before: Austin Powers: Goldmember, X-Men I, and Life of Brian. There was much laughter to be had. Sleepytime was interesting too. Mostly because Won-Ton is somewhat restless at night and Mai-Tai must sleep next to you, but all in all, it was a successful mission.

Christmas party coming up! This Friday! Y’know, I’m not as excited about it as I should be, but that’s only because I dislike the preparation part of it…Gotta run about and pick up food (and prepare it the day before since I’m gonna be at work for a good chunk of the day), clean stuff the days coming…Invited the following people off the top of my head personally: Me, Jeremiah, Kath, Derek, my brother, my folks, Ari, Josh, Eric, Laurie, Jackie, Phil, Margie (formerly by extension), Andy and James (two friends from Dash’s)…And by extension any of Kath or Derek’s family who wish to come, John, Maria, Amy, Ethan, Colin, and my brother’s friends (he’s bringing a pair)…I apologize to those who were/are invited “by extension…” I didn’t think I had to since there’s no reason why I would say you couldn’t come, but please know that you are in fact, invited.

Forgive my presumptions.

After all, when you assume…

I’ll have to call ppl, since few ppl have actually RSVP’ed…I expect perhaps 2/3rds this amount, but in hindsight…That’s a lot of people…Yea. Planning is for dummies.

I can’t help but notice that the list grows overall larger every year. It fluctuates…People come, and people go, but overall, I’m meeting more people than when I first started this tradition, what, four? Five years ago? It’s a shame that many of the people I was very close to “back in the day” are no longer in that category. I did start the whole Christmas party thing to counteract exactly that. I wanted to try and keep people happy in a silly attempt to preserve my idea of how things should be. But I’ve come to realize that living by a snapshot of how you remember them, wondering what went wrong and why things changed, and what you can do to make things better just doesn’t work. Like the the rest of the world, people change. People drift apart at times. Often they’ll reconnect, as good friends do, but sometimes things just don’t quite go in that direction. Instead of forcing things one way I think it’s better to cherish the moments you had and wish them the best in their endeavors.

Although I like to think I’ve remained somewhat unchanged. I’m tall, laid back, and somewhat secretive, or so I’m told…

International Man of Mystery…I like it.

That’s going in my LiveJournal somewhere…

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