And so today begins the day of loathing…Christmas Party Preparations! My to-do list is suprisingly small, however it will still take awhile:

4 hrs- clean house
1 hr – clean room
1.5 hrs – shop for styrofoam plates and other miscellaneous things
.5 hrs – pick up gift certificates for those who aren’t exactly on my friend’s list, but come anyways

It is now 8:40 am. I SHOULD get done with time to spare…But we all know how these things work out, don’t we?

As an aside, anyone who’s made one o those pre-carved ham, tell me, how the hell does one cook one of those anyways?…It APPEARS to be cooked, I dunno…I COULD just look at the package, I suppose, but it’s all the way downstairs…Meh.

So why am I on the computer? I’m putting together a “house-cleaning” mix CD to keep me company since Tyson will undoubtedly try and undo all of my great works and I shall need patience this long day. It certainly promises to be interesting. So come one, come all! There will be ham…

P.S.: We missed you yesterday at game, Miah…My ranger beat up a fish owned by a rich family we’re staying with and tried to dispose of the evidence, but failed miserably. That and challenged a dwarf to a drinking contest…Which was just dumb, even though he was already half inebriated…

Quote of the night: “What’s a Polymorph?”

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  1. Sorry about game. By the time I realized that I might be being rude by not letting you know I couldn’t make it, it was about … oh … 9 at night on Thursday. I knew I couldn’t make it, but forgot that I had said I’d be coming. I don’t normally do that.

    By the way, cooking ham is easy – 15 minutes a pound at, ummm, look at what it’s wrapped in and see if it says the tempurature, but if it doesn’t, I think 350 will do it? 450? I don’t remember!


  2. I was debating whether or not to say anything, and might delete this without hitting the “Post Comment” button below here, but now that I’ve said that I’m sure I won’t.

    Never mind, I deleted it.


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