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Christmas was a success, I think. The party went quite well, people ate and seemed very happy. I actually made a ham. Go me! It seemed to be somewhat enjoyable, however I thought it was quite salty and a tad underdone; I think everyone was just being polite not to mention…My folks came and saw the place for the first time. My stepfather did well to hide his repulsion; my mother did not. Which was to be expected, I suppose. Got to see alot of people I hadn’t seen in a long time; most significantly Nancy Yip, someone I’d known in high school and have seen almost no sign of since then…I feel kind of bad about that; she became somewhat flighty since and I have to admit I was avoiding contact with her during college…We both went to UB, and since I was also going through stuff, I didn’t feel like putting an arm out to help a person in need, which I regret, but cannot change now. Good to see she seems to be doing fine.

Garb Update: I don’t think I’m getting that ordered from MuseumReplicas…It’s just too darn expensive and after-Christmas shock has hit my bank account quite severely…I did hit the Galleria today, however, and got a new idea…Modifying clothing to become garb.

New Age Creations has some cheap jackets that have a sort of “London Fog” look to them. The whole extended collar, full length, pocketed overcoat look, if you get what I’m saying. I’m thinking of taking one of those, hacking the sleeves away, and sewing on a cape and mantle to get my cloak. A significantly easier operation than trying to make one from scratch…And significantly cheaper than the leather tunic as well…$18 for the jacket, $10-ish for the extra fabric…$20 for THESE (getting just the lower set – these will actually last multiple uses and NOT break halfway into an event like my homemade Orc fangs do, and $10 for THESE and I’ll be ready for battle come sun or snow. (Why Riddick-esque eyewear? Orek has Light Sensitivity…”Thog feel little man’s pain; Thog’s racial abilities also below par…” – long live Order of the Stick!) These were the best tinted goggles I could find that didn’t truly hurt my vision, although my peripheral vision is slightly blocked, a major weakness, but acceptable in the context of roleplaying…My only concern is that I’ll still look as “the times.” Cloak/Jacket, my homemade shirt that some of you saw at the last Midland event, black cargo pants, the leather/metal bracers I still need to start on, and dirty old boots completes the look. Just try and envision it…I think it looks fine in my head, but…

Oh, and a bandanna with the Silverhawk logo to complete the mysterious mercenary look. THAT completes it, even if I don’t quite fit in with the knights in shiny armor or the Narnians and their fruity tunics. Er, functional. FUNCTIONAL tunics. Not that that’s why I wouldn’t JOIN, or anything…

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  1. Hey, at least we actually make an effort to comform to the rules and spirit of the game, as opposed to some groups that I won’t mention. :-p

    Good luck with your garb. What happened to just making your own stuff?

    • “What happened to just making your own stuff?”

      I’m compromising in that regard. I still count modifying existing clothes as creative effort on my part; its just not nearly as gratifying as pulling out a full outfit from sheets of clothing.

    • “at least we actually make an effort to comform to the rules and spirit of the game…”

      Little Goth Kids: “Life is pain, it hurts to keep on living…”

      Stan: “Then why do you go on living?”

      Little Goth Kids: “To piss off the conformists…”

      – only episode of South Park I actually enjoyed

      • Yeah, but, it’s not about conformity … it’s about following the actual rules of the game. You know … no jeans, wear a costume? Sure, I used the word conform, but whatever.

        I’m not trying to be down on you or anything, this isn’t about you. It’s about the people that don’t bother to try. This is supposed to be based on Lord of the Rings/Fantasy, and our chapter allows people to come in jeans and a t-shirt. Just pisses me off. Wear sweatpants, cut a hole in a sheet, but some wrapping around your (I use “your” loosely here, not pointing at you) obviously modern sneakers.

        *sigh* Sorry, just ranting.

      • No, don’t apologize, it’s a valid issue worth discussing cuz you’re not the only one who feels that way. I can see both sides of the coin on the issue. I feel that they SHOULD wear garb, but should not be turned away if they don’t in the case of Dagorhir practice battles. But not true events, like the Father Christmas thing.

        I recall this discussion at the last Dag group vote I was present at…My contribution to the discussion about mandatory garb was “although the rules say that, Dag practice was never enough of a “game” to make people feel like they had to dress in garb. Midland, yes. I’d never go to Midland in jeans and a t-shirt. But that’s because it’s a more structured playing environment. When you only come once a month or less, you can’t get into the story of the game. Dag, you just hit things. If you come once a month or twom you havent missed anything except meeting some friends whom you haven’t seen in awhile. If Dag became more than “just practice,” I think people would feel quite differently and start to dress appropriately.”

        Now, I don’t know what goes on during the Narnia-only practices and such, but until Dag practices become more than just practices, I don’t really mind the people who don’t dress the part. Not to say they shouldn’t try since it does enhance the game more, no question. I’d much rather fight a guy in cool looking armor or a FUNCTIONAL tunic and leather bracers than some guy with a t-shirt that says “Adidas” and blue jeans.

        How would you have voted if you were there for the vote? “Should we turn away people who don’t make an effort to dress the part after a grace period?”

      • Okay, my whole argument isn’t the practices, to be honest – it’s the fact that we don’t have once-a-month “actual events,” like we’re supposed to. If we had the once-a-month “this is the real event” that we should be having, then I would be fine with how the vote turned out because at least once a month we’d be getting together with only people in garb.

        As it stands, however, we have four or five practices a month, no real event, and thus no actual caring about what people wear. I wouldn’t have voted to kick people out for not trying to dress for practices, however I would ask how difficult it really is to get a pair of sweats and cut a hole in a piece of cloth to cover your t-shirt.

        Either way, the chapter completely redefined the idea of garb by allowing jean material pants as long as they aren’t blue. That’s not garb … that’s street clothes … and that’s bad.

        “some guy with a t-shirt that says ‘Adidas’ and blue jeans.”
        ~Hmm … I think I know this guy. *laughs* And nobody likes the amount of effort he doesn’t put into the game.

        Personally I’d like to see everyone held to at least some kind of standard. Be it “partial garb” or “everyone must have at least one weapon for themselves after X months of playing in our game. It shows that you’re willing to make an effort for the game that’s being provided for you, and not just taking advantage of the loaner gear which could dissapear any minute.

        But no-one wants to be the guy that says “I’m sorry, you can’t come ~dressed like that~/~without a weapon because you’ve been here three months and should have at least a small blue sword made by now, and if you had brought your own blue sword you could still take advantage of the loaner gear but since you obviously don’t care then forget it.~

        Mostly they don’t want to be that person because saying that takes way too long.


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