I’m thinking 5,000 gold or so. I could afford it.

So only 5 people actually get this. Shut up.

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  1. I don’t get it. Umm … Guild Wars avatar?

  2. I get it. Barrett from FFVII. And your character lost his arm. So you want the gun-arm…hehehee

  3. i knew it was barrett but i had no idea where the hell you were going with it

    at least i was halfway there >:/

  4. Ok, ONE person, then.

    “I push him in!”

    “I cut his arm off!”

  5. he he he (manical laughter)

    That was fun. For it to be working arm of a nature such as the one above it would be 18560 gold. and you’d have to find a way into the future. For a single shot standard act reloading arm… yeah 5000 gold would do, I might even be willing to let it happen in your current place and time. of 5 gold for a wooden arm that is totally useless. –Derek

    • Lmao. Um…Totally useless?…

      PASS. I’ll just use Kammar as a shield and swing him…He can do his base damage (whatever that may be) and get his attacks in as well assuming he makes a Fort save not to be dazed as his head smashes into the other guy’s breastplate…

      Or Lou….Yeeeesss…He’s small, isn’t he?…Muahaha…

      • YOU ASSHOLE I CANT FUCKING BELIVE YOU SAID THAT. BEST FREINDS SINCE OUR MUTUAL TRIALS OF MANHOOD AND STILL THESE WORDS POOR FROM YOU YOU WOULD BE BACK STABBER IF YOU HAD BOTH ARMS CRETIN! Phooo… Im only going to say this once, if anyone is to be used by you as a semi-sentient weapon it will be me. Understood? GOOOoood, it had better be if youd like to keep the arm youve still got.
        -wild carrots

      • IT WAS ONLY A WEAK THREAT, I SWEAR!!! You are the only person I’d ever consider using as a weapon. Or harvesting an arm from to graft to my torso.

        My BEST friend….Yeeeessss….

  6. btw lol and games is on tomorrow. wouldsa called but no phone.
    -rpc (role playing carrots)

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