And life goes on…

For the LARPers out there…

Man…Two days until school resumes. Of all the summer/winter breaks I’ve ever had, this felt by far the shortest…Meh, whatever.

I really wanted to jump into a Drawing class this semester since I’m basically mopping up the random credits I need to graduate, but it was full, since every other person is smart or something and registers for classes on time. What’s up with THAT?…

Anyways, I already have everything for my minor and only need to complete my internship, which I find about this Thursday. Which means…Sorry Ari; how’s Wednesday sound for a rematch? I hate to keep switching up on you, but the fates conspire against us! DENY THEM WITH ALL YOUR POWER AND I, TOO SHALL SEE YOU THEN, LAZY CARROT!!!


I still might try and force-register in anyhow…I come up with stuff all the time I wish I had the skill to get onto paper, but everytime I try, it comes out all chewed up, I dunno…I was pretty good at art when I was a kid, if only I kept up with it like Greg did…Speaking of which…


…My net-speak sucks, what can I say? Still, I laugh in your general direction. Yo, ask Zack (I assume it’s Zack poisoning your mind) if I can sit in on a game and film you in the act. Or at least play with you once, since I don’t feel like joining any more games.

My garb is coming out quite nicely. I was walking through JCPenny looking for a decent sale (there IS quite the sale going on, if I might add, if anyone seeks Winter gear; coats are so cheap I ALMOST bought one…) and I came across one of those hats. You know. THE hat. You don’t know what I mean, do you? Think 20’s newspaperboy. Extra…Extra…..Hey MISTER…Cough, cough…Punch…Cough. (only 3 ppl I know would get that) Anyways, it was an item I had been considering getting for some time, but never actually saw one in person that I could try on till then. After looking it over, I decided it might quite the complement to my garb, and picked it up. I’m glad I did. It’s amazing the difference a good hat makes. I went from a roguish-assassin look to a street beggar, and I like it quite a bit. Tomorrow I’m going to Jo-Ann’s and pick up the the fabric for the cape I’m adding to my jacket. Yay. I don’t think I’ll have the leather bracers done in time since I plunked down some cash already for my tusks, but we’ll see. It would be nice if it did work out…

I’m putting some effort into a project I’ve been wanting to do for some time: A quarterstaff for Dag. It’s always been a dream weapon for me to wield, but I’ve never had the patience to sit down and try to learn it. Seriously, how the hell does Wizards classify it as a SIMPLE weapon in D&D? Have they ever tried to actually fight with one? You hit yourself as often as you do the enemy and drop it even more often…But it really has unmatched versatility on the field; it’s the only weapon I can think of that can be a shortspear, red weapon, and twin shortswords all at the same time. It’s…Quite broken, actually, and the fact that I never see anyone use one makes me reeeeally want to try. I’ve done some asking around, so I might as well ask my fellow weapon-designers: what cores do you recommend BESIDES band shop pole? Since you have to order band shop en masse, it only works if others will sign up WITH you on it…I was thinking of maybe ordering an actual Fiberglass model off eBay and patching it up; whaddaya think? I even saw models that had notches cut into them so you could PLAY them…A musical weapon…How cool would that be? I could talk to it as a RP-thing (since no one really talks to me at Midland), say it’s sentient, and apologize to it whenever I use it in battle…Getting too many ideas; best to stop now…

Um…Not much else is on my mind except I should have exercised today, but it’s too cold for that and I just wanna get back in bed…Sigh…Perhaps tomorrow, then…That and I left my contact lens case downstairs…Damn it all!

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  1. dammit the only reason dnd is fun for me is because all my friends and i do is stupid crap

    “We need to set up a ladder on the wall to escape the zombies”

    “ILL TOSS THE LADDER FROM HERE oh shit i rolled a one”

    “the ladder goes flying over the fence”


    “PISS >:(“

    • That’s half the fun of beginning. The serious stuff sometimes comes later, and sometimes it’s just fun to do crazy stuff. It’s not about how you play, but how much you enjoy it. 🙂

  2. Just so you know – a quarterstaff can not count as a red weapon. It’s two blue weapons, and can’t go beyond that by the rules. Sorry.

  3. oh by the way, you should keep trying to draw.

    I’ll let you in on a secret: half of my drawings always end up looking messed up, just stick with it and i’m sure you’ll come up with something

    you were better than me at drawing when we were younger, you might still be, hah

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