LARPish Thoughts

The sewing machine tried to kill me yesterday, seriously…

I was adding some patches to the back of my cloak when I hear SNAP! WHIZZ…Tat…tat..tat…The needle snapped, flew by my FACE, and smacked against the wall of the game room. I thought I had done something wrong, so I went over to Kath and Derek’s room, where they were playing Guild Wars and said “I don’t think I was meant to sew…The needle exploded in my face.”

And they said “yea, that happens sometimes…It’s the machine.”


“RIGHT, well, y’know what, I think I’m DONE sewing for today!”

Tam at work says the needle wasn’t thick enough, which makes sense considering I was sewing fleece. A lesson learned…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to work on my lock-picking…Yes, lock-picking. I’ve decided to re-work my Midland char yet again, only this time, I shall have skills so ppl will actually have a reason to interact with me and stuff. That’s actually a cool part about Midland; you dont have to be a fighter to do stuff. At least, it sometimes seems that way. Other times I’ve gone, I couldn’t finish my plot packet and had nothing to do but fight random goblins.

I also picked up a cheapo recorder at that store in the galleria that sells tribal stuff. I used to know how to play one, and judging by the horrid screeches I’ve managed to coax from my instrument, I was never very good at it.

I’ve also been doing some reading online about how to build traps for LARPS, as well as chatted with a few of the Midlanders…More on that later 😉

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  1. Hey, we said it WASN’T the machine, rather, it’s not that particular machine’s fault. That’s happened on every machine I’ve ever used. Though I’ve never sewn fleece on a machine, only hand-sewn it.

  2. Heh. The machine tried to kill you. Heheh. So, did the needle go to the left of your face, or the right? I need to recalibrate….nevermind.

    If you need trap help, I can be of assistance. I used to do traps as my Hobling, Vincent, in NERO all the time. Maybe not ~all~ the time, but let’s say they came in quite handy when I was busy taking the town’s money. 🙂

  3. — when I hear SNAP! WHIZZ…Tat…tat..tat…The needle snapped, flew by my FACE, and smacked against the wall of the game room. —

    I told you sewing machines are evil. I warned you, but no…you had to go and sew. You’ve upset the very being of the cosmos! There is no time to repent, you must sacrifice yourself to the sewing machine gods, lest they be unappeased and throw more fine slivers of metal at you face.

    As I suggested before wear goggles next time and everything will be fine.

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