Grooooaaaaaannn….(All zombified)….

Wow…I have not been up purposely at 6 a.m. since…High school? No, maybe two years or more, but still…What was I thinking, registering for an 8 a.m. class? I had forgotten what an ungodly hour this time is…A time of freezing air just outside my blanket and supressing warmth within stealing any will to move outside of my covers until 5 minutes before classes. Snooze buttons clacking, the aftertaste of toothpaste and orange juice, and the sounds of plumbing being operated by people who routinely deal with the horrors of the early pre-dawn hours…

Who invented 6 a.m. anyways!?

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  1. I believe 6 am was invented by the same man that invented 7 am! The famous Swedish professor Sven Und Sixamus. See, Sven thought that getting up at 8 am left him with too many things to do around the house and not enough time to do it in the day, so, he did what any professor would do: He fudged the data to come up with two more hours.

    Of course, it’s rumored that Sven would set his clock to wake him up at 8 am anyways, once he realized what an atrocity he had created. By then, it was too late to undo – there were too many early risers, you see?

    So, you can blame it on that fat head. 🙂

  2. hey Earl, speaking of zombies, there’s a House Of The Dead 4 at Dave and Busters

    When we go sunday, we HAVE to play it. The game is amazing, and you get to use uzis this time around (mainly because you have to shoot at like 10 to 20 zombies, instead of like 2 to 4 like the old games)

    it’s seriously amazing.

  3. 6 a.m.?

    You get to sleep in? Wow, that must be nice. I’m in bed by midnight/1 a.m. and have to be up and out of bed by 4:45 a.m. But then, I don’t sleep that much anyway.

  4. GG

    haha GG earl! thats why i only have 1 class before 1, and its at 10 and it optional 8)… lemme know if you play wow or not. also i need to see your appt still

  5. Bah you pansy I get up at 6 almost every day of the week! If it was at least 5:30 then you’d have something to whine about ya baby! 🙂 –Derek

  6. You know, I thought six in the morning was bad, and felt sorry for you. Now, it’s Saturday, and do you know what time in the morning I was up? Not just today, but this entire week, so that I could go to some completely stupid job stuffing envelopes?

    Yeah. *sigh*

    Now I get to get up at 6am EVERY DAY for this new job. Hurray! *sigh*

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