So I get to the dentist’s yesterday and they managed to completely ruin my day for me. I do the appointments and everything, and they tell me the cost of what I wanted; getting my front tooth capped and a major cavity fixed will run about $3-400, which is what I expected. But then they try and say that I need about $4,400 worth of other stuff…Getting my wisdom teeth pulled, other, minor cavities, teeth “polishing,” etc, etc…WHAT? Are you ppl insane? Y’know, it’s just like dealing with mechanics and insurance salesmen. If you don’t work in the business, you don’t really know what you NEED and what you might LIKE. And when it’s doctors, you tend to take their word at face value. Or at least I do. But something tells me this is a little ridiculous considering I had no such severe issues only 8 months ago from my last dental visit (to a family friend) and my eating/brushing habits have not changed since. Meh. Guess we’ll see how it goes. My tooth hurts…Probably because I have class in 30 minutes.

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  1. That’s why I don’t go to doctors or dentists. If they don’t tell me something’s wrong with me, then everything is fine!

    • Its when they blur that line though that annoys me. I think it was when I asked him why my wisdom teeth needed to be removed when he said they’re coming in just fine, and he said it was because they’re hard to clean and will need to be removed anyways if a severe cavity developed. Um…I’m supposed to spend thousands when I could just brush farther back?

      No thanks.

      • They suggested that Maria get her wisdom teeth removed too, because at some later date there might be a problem. Ummm. Why not just have them removed if there IS a problem?

        Kick ’em all!

        Hey, any chance I could get a ride home tonight?

      • Because wisdom teeth removal is easier in younger people. The tooth root isn’t as developed and the bone is not as dense. And the majority of the population *will* develop problems later on in life. So, sorry to disappoint, but unfortunately it’s not a vast dentist conspiracy.
        –carrot’s girl

  2. Getting my wisdom teeth out was completely painless and cost me only $180, and it would’ve been FREE had the billing people not fucked up.

    I would suggest Barzman, Kasimov and Vieth – the only dentists I have ever been to. They DO NOT ‘suggest’ stuff, they ask -your- opinion and then give you a quote.

  3. So. Uh. You don’t with this blog-break?

    I like reading my friend’s livejournals. You’re my friend. You have a livejournal.



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