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Everyday, I find a new proof for my budding philosophy…It seems so obvious, and yet it has such a significant impact to me that I can’t help but repeat it: “People live from their own perspective.”

We (me, Tammy, and Chrissie) worked a 12-hour day yesterday. 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. It was not quite suckage, but still…Not fun. I cleaned tanks and kept customers off the girls so they could start and do most of the newsletter that needed to get out to the public by tomorrow and then at 4:30, switched to helping them. Folding, stuffing, stamping, and taping 1300 envelopes. One. After. The Other. I bought Smirnoff’s at 7:30 for everyone (since I couldn’t find more of that Boone’s Farm stuff; Premiere said to go to a grocery store and Wegmans had none) and we got a lil buzz while working, which was cool and made the time go by that much quicker. I had the honor of stamping the last envelope at 9:22. We farted around for a bit, put a wallpaper of a latex painted gay guy doing a fan dance on our bosses computer in thanks for the fact that he demaned we stay after hours and finish this, as well as recorded an mp3 of a collection of Bart Simpson’s phone pranks onto the answering machine just because, packed it up, and headed home. It was sort of a good time, in a long-ass work-day kinda way.

12:30 next day. I get a message on the recording from Al. “Earl, you gotta call me ASAP, the newsletter is wrong; you guys put in the wrong pamphlets! Yada yada…” Long story short, our work was wasted. I called Al up and he gave me a repeat of the message. And he also told me that one of my co-workers had hung up on him, they were so frustrated by him and the fact that we had done so much work and instead of acknowleding that fact, he called and bitched her out.

“Sigh…How many do you have left to fix?”
“Well I already mailed out half of them. I have 25 done now and about 500 more to go.”
“Well what do you want me to do? Do you want me to come in and help fix it?”
“No. No, I should have been here to babysit this whole operation, it’s my fault. I’ll stay and fix this. You have the day off.”

Truly it takes a boss to be so merciful and cruel all at the same time. Right then.

K, I hang up, take a moment to digest what happened, and call my friend who hung up on Al. She was rather…Distraught by the fact that Al would call and lay into her so viciously after we (especially her) worked so hard on this and she admitted to him that she screwed up. But that wasn’t good enough for him, he had to keep going on about it, and how he had to “take his whole day now and fix it.” (yesterday while we did this he was at a fireworks display with his son, which she reminded him of) Which is where the babysitting bit comes in.

Sigh. I feel like I’m more in the middle of it all even though I clearly belong to one side and not the other. My friend’s been working hard on this and it was rather callous of Al to lash into her over something so minor. Yet I can still see both perspectives from my vantage point and understand why both sides feel the way they do. On one side we have my friend. She’s been working hard to get this newsletter out for a week now, spending hour after grinding hour without anything more than the occasional gripe from our boss about something being incorrect or it taking far too long to get out. And after we finish, there was an error. A significant error, yes, but not one that’s going to cost money or anything. The pamphlet that was supposed to go out was detailing the changes in pricing of our pond selection.

On the other side we have my boss. He pays us to get this done and is truly a busy man. He works 80+ hours a week doing pond installs, estimates, and service calls and is rarely in the store to help because of the above. Is a night out with his son so unreasonable? Perhaps…Perhaps not.

I suppose what I’m leading up to is that people seem to have an innate inability to see things from the perspective of others. The world revolves around them and everyone else is just an obstacle to overcome. Why is that, I wonder. And how does one change?

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  1. Words words words, blah blah blah.

    Shut up, I’m too busy to care about what you have to say!


    But yes, you’re right. Every person is their own universe, and all the other universes out there are simply something to adjust to see things your way

    • Lol @ above

      See, you understand what I’m getting at. I just think that if people came to REALIZE this little fact; that everyone else is thinking the exact same way, then we would have far less problems in the world. Everyone sees things from their own view.


      • at least your well on your way to understanding others… stupid pacifistic buhhdist 6’7″ midget monk…
        -carrot needs some work

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