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I’m copying Miah’s Friday Five since I’m rather bored and am stalling to avoid going for a jog! Read on if you must…

Friday Five and Five Things About Me

1. Have you ever had an addiction?

~ Never. I have been really into things. Crazes. Fads. But never to the point of an addiction. I can live without certain things. Even D&D.

2. Are you afraid of the dark?

~ No. I get the creeps like everyone else does every so often when you’re alone in an alien house and it’s pitch-black and the wind’s howling and everything sounds like footsteps, but that’s not the dark acting.

3. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

~ Mint Chocolate Chip. I would kill puppies for a pint of Dove Mint Chocolate Chip. Seriously.

4. Have you ever been to the circus?

~ A very few times. I was bored to be honest, especially since I can hardly remember them. The only things I really enjoyed were the petting zoos.

5. What do you think of North Korea testing nuclear weapons?

~ I find it amusing that the Bush Administration, knee-deep in the Iraq Quagmire, was shaking their fist in the air, not-so-subtly hinting at repercusions while North Korea was doing their uranium enriching for “peaceful purposes,” only to propose a diplomatic solution now that North Korea is not only testing but saying quite openly that “if you try anything, we’ll smite your ass, GGKTHX.” Yea, Iran must be rolling on the floor right now. Good thing we at least stopped one nuclear threat…Oh wait, there WERE no nukes in Iraq. Who’s bright idea was this, anyway??

Random Thought Time

My tallness causes joint problems. My right knee hurts like a sonofabitch if I leave it bent for over 45 minutes or so (making long car rides excruciating). Hurts right now. Bah.

Kath and Derek are already packing up crap. I should probably start thinking about what I’m gonna do, huh? Y’know, that house of theirs sounds nice, but considering a.) I have yet to see the inside and b.) I’m rather comfy here, I’m exploring the idea of just staying here and finding new roomies. I got Laurie so far…Anyone else wanna move in with me? I’m gonna ask Tammy at work; I’ve known her for years and if I can detach her from her controlling boyfriend, it could work out.

Once I get my head shaved on Sunday I’ll take the time to update my avatar like I keep saying I will. Also Betsy needs to get inspected, hopefully tomorrow. I already know she needs new tires so I got the cash ready for that…Everything else should be ok tho, so I’m not too concerned. Where does everyone else go to get theirs done on the cheap?

Jeans. 7 bucks at JCPenny. Score.

Oy…Open House tomorrow at work. 8-4 busy-as-hell workday after a 9:30-7 work week. My boss must hate us to put us through that.


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  1. i’d consider moving in, depending if cash is going good. It’d be 200 bucks a month, right?

    maybe something’ll work out.

    • Um, I think something resembling a license and a car would be sort of important to you in this instanse, Greg. It’d be kind of a long walk to Bocce’s from Depew. Then again, Randy, Ari, and Eric have all made it this far on their own without those things, so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

      • i know, i was just throwing it out there as a “maybe” kinda thing. In other words, if everything works out and the opportunity presents itself, i will.

        Right now i’m definitely in no financial shape to move in.

      • I was just joking with you, Gregory. I’m just a poor college student, too.

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