Of Hoboes and Blisters…

Well since JFargo won’t announce it, I shall do it for him. As of last Wednesday we finished a D&D game of his to completion for the first time ever. It was glorious. Well…Glorious might not be quite the word I was looking for, but it was indeed satisfying. Thanks for your time and effort Miah, as I truly did enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Fruits of someone’s labors is funny to say.

I wanted to get JFargo a new avatar for his LJ, but my camera took one look at him and passed out for some reason, so once I recharge the battery we’ll have to try again 😉

What now of my Wednesday nights? Hell, I already found a new game to join. Yea, I’m that popular. I’m playing a crazy psionic hobo named Jebford. Think Jean Grey/Phoenix. Only as a hobo. It shall be glorious. That is indeed the word I was looking for that time. That book Jackie bought me has proven quite useful; there’s so much on hoboes in it for me to implement. Good research.

What else is new in the gaming world? Eh…We had another LAN party last night…Small turnout; Derek, myself, Ari, and John. It was not bad. What happened to Miah, Maria, Geoff, and bizarro-John, I dunno, but it’s always more fun when we can get more people going so we can play other games. Besides Counterstrike. Which I SUCK at and therefore despise. That and I really wasn’t in a gaming mood. Finally tried Freelancer to the delight of the bouncy carrot. It has truly obnoxious controls, but it was just interesting enough for me to try again sometime. I have a soft spot for space-sims…

On a non-gaming note; Shane’s (a guy I know from work) partner Shawn ditched him on a job and he asked for my help. I said yea so we drove out to some house in Lancaster and spent two hours unloading 4 cubic yards of soil and spreading it out within a retaining wall. I unloaded. He spread. Bastard. I think he was trying to break me, so I was that much more determined not to crack. And I did not, although I have shiny new blisters on each base of my finger. My soft baby-skin disgusts me. I need to do that more often, it seems…

That’s all for now, I suppose. I need to find a more original closing for my posts.

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  1. Hey, sorry I didn’t come, but I thought I made it pretty clear that I wasn’t able to get Friday nights off any more. Work is from 2 to 10, and when I’m done with that I just don’t feel up to doing much of anything. I don’t do a lot of work, I know, but somehow it completely wipes me out.

    Glad I finished a campaign after all this time. I’m sorry it wasn’t glorious, but I’m glad you’re content. 🙂

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