Those Wacky Iranians

But a cabin is a small building, not a room…

And on another note…Comic 335 is my new favorite OOTS strip thus far.

Wild Empathy Check! WILD EMPATHY CHECK!!!!

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  1. Earl, I keep forgetting to ask you–will you go with Laurie, Ari and I to the Ren Faire on Sunday (the sixth)? Pretty pretty please–it would be so much fun (I assume, as I have never actually been to a ren faire). Call me and let me know, if I haven’t spoken to you befre you read this.

  2. Think that guy was picked on a lot as a little boy? Seriously, I want to be president of a country so I can make stupid rules to. But mainly I’d change the names of certain anatomical parts to Pah-dunk-a-dunk and The Terminator.

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