Musings about nothing.

So I have to update this thing from work since I have no net at home…YET. The new apartment search went well (obviously). I have a rather cozy 1-bedroom place in…Lockport. It’s a bit of a drive to go just about anywhere save a place to eat, but it’s the best I could do and I am pleased. Enough about that.

Went to the Sterling Renassiance festival Sunday with Jackie, Laurie, and Ari. That was a very good time, glad I went. Mmm grossly overpriced food. It was fun until I almost choked to death on a french fry on the way home. Speaking of grossly overpriced food…Al my boss is having me run the booth over at the Erie Co. Fair this year. He tells me I’m his best salesguy ever, yada yada, and makes me feel all cool until I realized that it’s still retail. Either way…I’m both looking forward to it and not since I heard horror stories about it last year…People flicking cigarettes in the fish pond, going for a wade, etc, etc…Still, as long as I get to catch the fair afterwards on at least one day I will be a happy camper.

Um…Not too much else going on right now. Still in the throes of unpacking shit at my place. Sooo many boxes. I DID find out from another tenant however that we each have our own storage closet behind the laundry room, which is cool, so I intend to put that to good use. Tonight I’m off and although I really REALLY wanna go to the churchyard and hit things with the Dag-fellows, I’m instead going to Wal-mart and picking up a cheap bookcase so I can start organizing my home a lil.

Good stuff.

Happy belated birthday, ancient carrot!

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