I did so good…

Yesterday I made leaps and bounds in my place…Went through and organized all of my clothes, got most of them washed and folded, as well as all of the towels and blankets, and I discovered the wonderous paradise of housing needs that is Big Lots. Big Lots is amazing, simply put. Things that cost $20 at Target, I was finding for $6 at Big Lots. Home decor, desks, dishes…I’m not big on decor usually but I found so much cool stuff, I had to grab some paper and make a list and start budgeting so I could have it all. Going to pick up the nice computer desk I saw on Sat, and put some money down on a futon. Picking up some wall mounts that I can put books, candles, and cool stuff like my racoon skull I found on (no one said I was GOOD at home decor-speaking of which, I still need to bleach that thing…).

The snake is doing well. Yea, I inherited Kath’s Ball Python. He’s really good at doing nothing…A very low-key pet, I love it. I gave him a mouse yesterday and he bashed his face striking at it, missing (the dead mouse) and hitting the side of the tank. I was worried for a bit, watching him realign his jaw for a minute, then proceeding to pick up the mouse gingerly and thoughtfully “chew” it down. Injured, perhaps? Or just chagrinned at his stupidity? I thought to ask, then I remembered snakes don’t have ears. So I simply read it from his eyes.

His eyesssss…Cold, cold eyes, like a doll’s eyes…*Shudders*

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  1. KMart’s good for deals like that too. I don’t ~like~ these stores, because I find most of them to be dingy and dirty, but if I’m looking for a deal I’ll go there.

    Good luck – you’ll have to have people over some time. πŸ˜‰


  2. hey Earl, congrats on fixing up the appartment.

    were you going to make it to my wedding? i asked Jackie to deliever the invite to you being as no one had your address.

    so yeah, did you want to come? the wedding is Sept.2nd at 10 am and the reception is 12-4 pm at classics V. also did you want Beef burgundy, chicken ordon bleu or vegetarian lasagana?

    • Yea, she did deliver it to me. I’m just slow like that.

      I’m going to try to attend…Normally I work all day on Wed (being the only full-time employee here), but if Al can fill in for me I will be there. I will let you know by the end of the week.

      Mmm…Chicken Cordon Bleu πŸ˜‰

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