Work is so dull today…

This oughta be good…

Go to this thing here and decribe what you believe to be my strengths, and to that thing there to describe my faults. Why? Iunno, just do it.

Sorry, lack of phone is not an option.

Since I’m so bored being here, and YOU’RE so bored reading this thing…Random posting time! Ready? Set? GO!

I was trimming my goatee this morning and I discovered a brown hair. BROWN! It’s black-tipped and it’s got a wierd bend in it halfway. Not grey, but BROWN!

What does THAT mean? Am I becoming a lycanthrope? I don’t recall the bite of any were-animals as of late. Even so…$20 bucks gets you a bite from me, no questions asked.

Wow I havent posted about D&D in like…A week. Let’s change that.

I still play with the guys over at Jester’s Cap. I gotta say, taking a chance and playing to meet new people worked out well. They are a very mature gaming group and I was flattered to get an invite to play. Right now we’re 6th level Gestault characters and we’re just finishing a dungeon. We’re investigating the claim that an imprisoned demon lord may hold the key to the fate of one of the PC’s parents so we’ve battled our way through this dungeon and are nearly done with it. I’m the resident hobo psionicist and I’ve had lots of chances to blow stuff up, which I’m good at. Including party members since, well, I am a tad crazy. He likes muffins. A lot.

Still can’t find my d20 shirt. Wtf.

Derek asked me earlier if my game would ever happen. Short answer is: yes, although not while I’m in two games. I play Sunday and Thursday right now. If one kicks the bucket, I could work something out. I’ve got the skeleton for a new campaign to replace the one-shot I lost when my computer crashed. Details on that another time.

I just found out that Jen (my old co-worker from the pet store), whom I saw at the Erie County Fair on Sunday, has my Season 1 of Family Guy. I need to get that from her sometime…

I almost bought Season 1 of Futurama while house-furnishing-shopping yesterday, but decided to pass since I didn’t REALLY need it…

Oh lookie, it’s starting to rain outside.

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  1. I’ll do it for you, but you have to do it for me, both of them. 😉

  2. Also please note that childish and rash are not necessarily things I think of as bad. 😉

    And I don’t know, “withdrawn” and “uncommunicative” seem like “lack of phone” to me. :p

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