So tonight I get back from Tops with many a can of Whole-berry Cranberry Sauce, on sale 3 for $2 and I sit down to eat my first bowl of the season, like I do every day during the holiday season, when it dawns on me that I never bothered to buy a can-opener. I THOUGHT I had a can-opener, but a thorough search of my silverware drawer reveals that I do not, in fact, own a can-opener.

That pretty much killed my evening. That and Diane from Markheim calling me 20 minutes ago to tell me I’ve got the job (again) and can I come in tomorrow at 8:30 to clean tanks. So I GUESS I’m taking a shower then it’s off to bed with me instead of basking in the artificial warmth of my apartment, listening to some tunes and eating Cranberry sauce.

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