It’s…It’s ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

Eh…What’s new LJ-world? Not much here…And yet a lot. At least there is, from my perspective.

– The time for the Civil Service Exam for Park Ranger I’s rolled around, after two years of waiting. Huzzah! I get a pot shot at being qualified to recieve a job interview to possibly become a Forest Ranger, quite possibly my dream job. I downloaded the practice exam, and I was suprised, honestly. Suprised which questions I got wrong and which I got right. I aced the sections on short-term memory, preparing police reports, and rules and regulations, but got wrong a plant identification and mapping questions (representing my Environmental Science major and Geography minor). Did get the Ecology test question right though. Guess I have to spend time over at Barnes & Noble actually reading field guides to NYS wildlife and brush up on my ecology just in case. The short-term memory section worries me, however, since as most of you know, my short-term memory is quite bad. Basically you get 5 minutes to read two pages or so, then they take the pages and ask you a bunch of specific questions regarding those pages. I wonder if taking ginko pills beforehand counts as doping. Or is it St. John’s Wort? (EDIT: best part is, I didn’t realize the joke there until after I typed this) Whichever the brain…Enhancer…Stuff. Is. Think there’ll be a urine sample?

– I’m making something fancy tonight, just because I can. Well, it’s not THAT fancy, but it’s fancier than my usual fare. Roast Marlin Steak with a bed of Zucchini and Asparagus with Hollandaise Sause and a side of Long Grain Wild Rice. Well…Maybe not rice; I don’t feel like browning it, and I’ve never done rice before. It doesn’t sound hard, but I just want to eat food. Throwing in some sliced baby portabellas and a diff kind of squash to see how it goes. And Tops brand chocolate-mint cookies for dessert. Oh god, they’re like eating clouds. Chocolatey, crunchy clouds…So good. The only ones better are the Dove Brand Mint Chocolate Serenade. Clouds filled with crack cocaine. Cost more though. Much more.

– Drowning in bills…Bills suck. Especially when you have to pay them. Oh well…I’ve grabbed more hours at work, so if I live like a monk and budget properly I should just about be able to give the vampires 3/5’s of my monthly wages to stay in their good graces. (Course Marlin Steak at $10/pound is hardly “monkish,” but the rice is Big-Lots boxes two for $1, so it kind of evens out. Not really, but whatever, I’m treating myself. Just hope the recipe actually works out right) If I’da known I’d be awash in debt without a job in my career nearly two years post-college I don’t think I’da bothered…

It wasn’t so bad until NYSEG sent me a bill for $700 after budget billing because they fucked up. Well…A little of them, and a little of me. See, I’m the kind of person who gets his bill and just pays it. As long as there’s no problem I don’t even bother with the other pages. WELL APPARENTLY when NYSEG did my Budget Billing (which si to say they calculate how much electricity you’re going to use for the year and charge you a reduced amount over the course of 10 months instead of all at once like right now), they didn’t take into account that my apartment was vacant for over a year. So their estimated usage was $0 for most months and spiked when they actually read my meter. However I still only got charged the average between next to nothing and usual usage. So after recieving very modest electricity bills (which was to be expected considering I have a computer, a refridgerator, water heater, and a snake cage as my major uses of electricity, no TV, no lights constantly on, don’t run my AC), they slap me with all the catch-up $$ they didn’t properly budget for me. Basically Budget Billing failed. So I call NYSEG…”We just read the meter, not our fault, talk to your landlord.” So I go see my landlord…”We just provide the apartment, not our fault, talk to NYSEG.” And I’m left holding the bill. Darnit all. Darn it all to heck.

– Parents are still intending to move. Buyer of their house backed out at the last second so they’re here another month or so. How do I feel about it? *Shrugs* More on this later, I suppose.

– Should I shave the goatee? It’s been a part of my face for years now…I tried it once and I didn’t really like the results. Plus half my face became a mass of razor bumps till it came back. But I wasn’t bald then…Wondering how completely bald would look. What say you people whose opinion I’m suddenly elevating to “worth noting?”

– Watched South Park episodes last night with a few friends…That show is better than I gave it credit for. When it first came out I was in high school and it was nothing BUT toilet humor. Sucked. Now the later stuff is toilet humor with highbrow political and social commentary, and the occasional racial slur. Good stuff. 

Alright, I’ve been typing for 30 mins and my fish steak’s been out on the countertop for that long. Think it’s still good? It better be, cost too damn much, so I’m eating it. On that note, will anyone be joining me for dinner this evening?

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  1. keep the goatee or else i will permanently draw one on your face 😑
    trust me man its a good look

    speaking of cooking, i gotta make some of that boneless spicy garlic chicken i made way back when and have you try it, it was fucking incredible. YOU WILL EAT IT, MADNESS, SPARTA, ETC.

  2. Goatee stays on – I prefer evil Earl, like I’m evil me. πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear about the bills – that happened to me before, and it sucked.

    Parents moving? How far away?

    The fish should have still been good – 30 minutes is nothing, don’t worry. Hope you’re feeling well today. πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the Forest Ranger exam! Whoo!

  3. I can totally sympathize with the whole ‘still don’t have a job in my field’ thing. The closest I’ve gotten so far is PetSmart, and I hate that place with a passion. But what can you do? It’s bound to get better eventually.

    Good luck with the park ranger stuff! You know, I bet if you talked with some of the people at the DEC that I used to work with, they might have some pointers or advice about the test. Most of them had to pass similar tests for their positions, and I’m guessing that the tests aren’t completely dissimilar.

    • I have; I used to intern at the DEC myself. Whom did you work with? Maybe we know a few of the same faces?

      • I mostly worked with the boys and girl in Fish & Wildlife and the ladies in Citizen Participation. How ’bout you?

      • Fish & Wildlife as well. Did you know Ken Roblee? He was my supervisor. I can’t remember anyone else’s name, save Sandra the secretary for some reason (middle aged African American woman) and Connie, who worked closely with Ken and was very helpful to me as well. I think the fishery guy’s name was Bill? *Shrugs*

  4. Alright, the Goatee stays, seeing as I have two votes…Total.

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