How Cool is This?!

 Breakthrough for the Hydrogen Revolution?

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  1. hydrogen sucks, man. It’s all like HEY IM AN ABUNDANT ELEMENT HURRRR

    oxygen is totally the cool element, geez earl way to be uncool

    • Dude, seriously, you and your emo oxygen tunes, I’ve had enough.

      Hydrogen was and will always be the coolest element around. Way to be like everybody else and pimp oxygen like you invented it…You could have at least picked something obscure, like Selenium.

      You sicken me.

  2. I saw that this morning on an unconfirmed website, and was waiting for the bigger news sites to pick it up before my hopes got raised.

    Now my hopes are raised. If it’s a fraud, I’m blaming you for my dashed hopes.

    Whoo! Water cars!

  3. How cool is this!

    Now that was a good article to read – I can’t wait to see what scientist will do with it

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