Well now…

I was looking through my old posts…I can’t believe I never actually posted these shots…Took these when I went to the Butterfly Conservatory last year; had some friends pose for me. They wanted me to post em, and I swore I had already…Huh. Oh well; here they are, as promised…A year ago.


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  1. There’s definitely a different energy level present there. 🙂

    I think you need to post more of your shots – I love your camera posts.

  2. I hearby decree that all pictures of me must henceforth be sent to me for approval before posting.

    • But you and Laurie were the ones who wanted me to post them! Your approval had been gained when I showed them to you that day…How much more approval must there be?

      …They are good shots, too. You two make excellent subjects.

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