Work sucks. And other stuff besides whining.

What’s on my mind at the moment? I’m giving serious consideration to going somewhere for the winter…A change of pace. Because I do NOT want to go back to retail like I did last time K&A closed in December, only to get right back into it like I did this year, much to my dissappointment. I’m breaking the circle. Only thing is, I’ve talked to people who’ve taken the Civil Service exam, and I’m looking at a wait anywhere from 6 months (customer at K&A) to 2 years (Ari’s Dad) before I even get a phonecall back. Assuming they DO call. Sigh…

So I’ve got one serious option on the table so far: I ran into Ari’s brother Josh at Tops. I hardly recognized him, he was covered in coal dust from his job and I was wearing bad contacts AND headphones, yet somehow I still saw him. We caught up a bit, we were never all that close as friends, but we chat ocassionally, and I found out that he’s going to visit Ari for a month up in Washington. And he offered me an invite, and even said he could wait awhile longer till K&A closes in December. Now THAT would be a change of pace. Tacoma, Washington, near Seattle, which is a city I’ve always wanted to visit. Not to mention Ari’s there, and we’ve been friends for a long time and it would be great to hang with him again. I’ve already started exploring job options in the area…Only thing is, I don’t want to take a temporary move to the West Coast just to work retail AGAIN. Emailed a company regarding a Water Treatment facility job I found a recent posting for, however haven’t heard anything back yet…From a different path, a park in AZ’s looking for a tender for a desert preserve. Nothing from them either…Sigh. But I will keep trying, if only to explore my options. The internet’s such a great resource.

I just heard on Nextwave that apparently Creed is still around, they just became a new band called Altar Bridge…So I tried a song of theirs…And it’s kind of whiney, I don’t like it. That sucks…Still, I do enjoy Nextwave on 103.3 the Edge. Occasionally a real gem of a band or song pops up. 7 p.m. every Sunday. One of the few rituals I have. Listen to Nextwave with a pencil and paper while reading or playing video games and pause to write songs down that are worth exploring later. Good stuff.

I’m never shaving even part of my goatee ever again…Second time I’ve tried it, and just like the last time, half my face becomes a mass of razor bumps and ingrown hairs…I hate it. Not to mention I’ve decided conclusively that I do like my goatee…I feel naked without it. It’s just not meant to be.

I’m trying to get Heroes off Bittorent. I keep hearing it’s so amazing and yada, yada…I did some reading on it on Wikipedia. Sounds pretty cool. Sooner or later I’ll have an episode..Unless someone has the DVD series they’d care to loan me? Update: I finally managed to get Episode 1. Very cool so far. Didn’t see that ending coming…

I’ve been playing Werewolf: The Apocalypse once a month over at UB. Ari had first introduced me to the game, and told me how he prefers it to the table-top standard D&D. I was skeptical at first, but man, I’d forgotten how much I love that game. It’s a modern setting with werewolves that take a Gaian-Native American-tribal flavor, or even more technological, depending on the tribe. I’m playing William (Bill) Stockman, South Dakota farm-boy who recently found his Garou heritage through a bloody massacre that made him a runaway for a few months until he stumbled upon a a face from his past who introduces him to the world of the Garou.  It’s WoD (World of Darkness), so everything’s bloody, creepy, and dark in this game. Cities are as a rule, like Batman’s Gotham City. There’s Vampires, of course, and other supernatural beings like fey, human hunters, etc…All of which have their own game settings that can be integrated into the game. Very gothic setting. Think Underworld, or any number of newer supernatural-type films. One of the coolest things about it is how they integrate real-life events like the Holocaust or Age of Imperialism into the setting, be it vampires seeking to awaken an evil god, or werewolves looking to intrude apon the spiritial caerns of other tribes…In my last game, my pack, of which I had no small part in, actually caused the October storm of last year haha. The game gets silly though, when you try and apply real-life logic to a fantasy game. My first ever werewolf character typified this perfectly. Shades-of-Grey, natural-born werewolf mystic. He was well-versed in Garou lore, but had no experience what-so-ever with the human world. So when the pack had to stay at a human-born werewolf’s house for a few days…Just imagine a 8 foot-tall werewolf walking around a house holding a bag of Cheetos, scuffing the carpet with his feet like he’s never seen it before. “What is this strange brown grass? It’s scent is not like anything I’ve ever sensed before…Crunch, crunch…”

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  1. Okay, first things first–cute pic! Now, visiting Ari for a month? I’ll be somewhat jealous if that comes to pass, although I know I couldn’t go.

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