Environmental Corps Says Hello!!!


I just sent in my Americorps application yesterday, and already today, I just got a phonecall from one of the environmental groups I was interested in; Environmental Corps, based out of Austin, TX, wants to talk to me! 

Americorps is basically a network of organizations, mostly volunteer, that do work across the US in a variety of fields, from food distribution, to rescue and repair efforts after disasters, to environmental cleanup, conservation…Pretty much any field you can think of has Americorps members working for them. You get a living stipend while you work for them, for a varying amount of time, then either a relocation check for $1700, or an “education reward” of $4,750, which goes to college loans. Yea, I’ll choose option “B.” Only thing is, for most of the programs I’m looking at, I’d be away for nearly a year, since Buffalo, and most of NY for that matter, just isn’t big on the environmental bit…

So anyways…Environmental Corps says I sound perfect!!! Ok…Settle, settle…I VERY EXCITE!!! (In Borat-voice). And now after I compose myself, I will return their call. Feeling rather nervous, even though I’m just talking to a recruiter, who will put me in touch with someone to set up an actual phone interview…I feel the need to compose a list of qualifications. I hate making stuff up on the fly. But then I’ve been to a few interviews, and I’ve done OK each time.

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  1. ::waves around little Japanese flags like in an anime::


    Good luck on the interview process ๐Ÿ˜€

    We’d miss you terribly if you leave, but we’ll be very happy that you’ll be getting into your field like you wanted to! Plus, it’s only a year…and visits are always fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Is there a little gong accompanying the flags like in amine?

      “Plus it’s only a year…and visits are always fun :)”

      Yea, that’s the way I’m looking at it now…A year goes by rather fast. I’m sure I get SOME kind of vacation time (maybe; I’ll have to ask about that during my interview).

  2. Don’t be nervous, Earl, you’re one of the most competent people I know, and more importantly, you’re able to express that coherently. I don’t like the thought of not seeing you for a year–although compared to some nameless douche bags a year isn’t really that long.

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