Austin Updates

Well I did hear back from E-Corps: Austin, and the interview went rather well. I admit I was expecting something a bit more professional; the interviewer was 15 minutes late, and sounded…Well…Like a normal person, as opposed to an interviewer, but that gave me the sense that the organization is very relaxed and casual, which is a good thing. It seemed I had more questions than the interviewer, but Maria tells me that’s a good thing, so I’m not too concerned…Still…I hope I didn’t sound arrogant when I asked if one of the lakes in  the area he was telling me about was geothermal and he didn’t know what I meant by that.

Now, nothings final, by far…Still more paperwork to do, and I haven’t even committed to this 100% in my own mind, however…I really do want to do something different, I miss the South, I don’t want to find a new retail job for the winter till K&A opens again, sucking me back into the same cycle, and there’s some rather nice benefits to all of this. So I’m planning and budgeting for it at the moment heh. Already pricing bus tickets to Austin for a week in December to do some apartment shopping…The costs for round-trip tickets compare favorably with how much I’d spend in gas, etc for a long-ass road trip. Especially considering how much I loathe long-ass road trips. I’m also getting some paperwork from E-Corps in the mail anyday now re. housing options, so I’ll have a nice head start by December.

As for what little I own…I don’t want to rent a U-Haul, so I’m thinking I need to drop off craploads of boxes at Goodwill, give stuff away to my friends, and sell what I can. 

Oh…By the way, I reconsidered my options…I’ll probably only go for the 6-month term. Probably. Unless it’s so spectacularly amazing that I never want to leave, which I doubt. So if (read: IF) I do go, I’ll be back in June. Not October, so do not lament, for I shall soon return and there shall be much rejoicing!!

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  1. thought you would appreciate this as a fellow mad scientist to be.… check it out, it can be rough to watch, but some of it deals with environmental issues, and the rest is both disturbing and fascinating. to anyone else reading drekks lj who might decide to look at this its very very graphic so dont watch it if you dont want to see something dieing.

    • oh, the ecorps thing sounds real cool. kinda wish i could go with you. but maybe sometime in the future ::shrugs::

    • …You trying to infect me with your vegan ideals, carrot?!

      You weren’t kidding; very graphic in some parts…I don’t have a weak stomach, but certain parts were just plain maddening. Like the trash compactor scene, if you recall what I’m talking about. I’m about 1/3rd though it. It does carry a very powerful message though and the Holocaust comparisons are accurate from that perspective (that animals have just as much a right to live as people do). Personally, my stance on the whole issue is that while people eating other animals is, and always will be, the natural way of things, we as people can do so much better to ease their short lives and suffering. I’m still not a tree-hugger, Meat-is-Murder type of person, but the video truly is an eye-opener…I might have to post it on my main page once I finish it.

      • wasnt trying to infect you, i really thought you would enjoy it! I especially like the part where they peel a fox’s skin off in one whole piece and then in a closeup of its bloody, meaty, skinless skull it blinks at you!!! no horror movie will ever make you feel like that. ok im kidding… mostly.
        -carrot looks awefully lot like a tooth.

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