Well said!

Yahoo! News is worth reading, people…Not because the articles are so much greater than anywhere else on the web, but because they have discussion boards right below where people comment (read: rant) about the issue at hand. Good reads…Here’s an example I had to post because I agree so whole-heartedly with this arguement. My own reasoning was exactly the same when I told my parents why I refused to go to church and got booted out of the house; it’s all happenstance.

Taken from discussion of book “When Atheists were Really Smart”:

7. I can believe Chrisianity as much as I can believe any other incredibly stupid explanation for why we’re here. No matter how far down you dig, if you find human settlements, you find something they preyed to. The sun, jaguars, eagles, humans with animal heads, the list is endless. And D’Sousa, naturally picked the CORRECT God. The only real one. Because he’s so brilliant, and if we don’t believe in any stupid story, we’re dumb.

Bury a set of Harry Potter books in the desert – After the Christians, Muslims, and Jews destroy the world again, in a thousand years, Harry will be the one true god – Ken

Ken, truly you are an Apostle of Reason (another fun term I’m stealing after reading this article). Right after here though, it all boils down to namecalling…As the discussions tend to do every time. Which is equally fun to read, in a Jerry-Springer kind of way.

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