Houston, Texas…

Well…..I just got back from a trip to Houston (not Austin), Texas…My stepdad was on a business trip and was working out harder than he probably should have, and had a “minor” heart attack. Although the doctors did their check ups and said he was good to head back soon, he couldn’t be on a plane alone, in case someone unaware of his condition had to help him, so someone had to accompany him back. So I had to take a trip down there Wednesday, taking two flights, one from here to Atlanta, then from Atlanta to Houston, then rent a car and drive it an hour and a half from Houston to Beumont, TX. TWO FUN FACTS ABOUT TEXAS: The people drive like assholes and it’s really, really dark at night, no matter where you are. That and there are a lot of friggin oil refineries. Half the city seemed to be oil refineries flying over it…I got to the hospital no problem though (only made one wrong turn, which isn’t bad considering my Mapquest directions sucked and I’ve never, ever been to this city before). My stepdad and I talked for a bit but I was beat, so I first got some food from a place called Cheddars (and darn good food it was; best steak I’d had in awhile) then went back to my hotel room to sleep. Hilton Inn. Swanky…Next day, we checked out and drove around, had food at a few places on the company’s plastic, and went to Kemah, on the gulf coast and walked on the boardwalk. We had a very good time; I got to try fried alligator at a Texas restaurant (it’s a mix between chicken and fish with an odd consistency)…Got to feed the birds and watch them steal a tortilla chip off someone’s plate in a boardwalk restaurant…I had wanted to go to the Natural History Museum in Houston, but we didn’t have enough time for that. We left out at the crack of dawn Friday and got back later in the day after a 3 hour layover in Atlanta where I met some of my stepdad’s family who wanted to see him, wish him well, and tell him to eat more salad. Nice litle trip. Sucked that it had to be under those circumstances, but I my stepdad enjoyed it as much as I did. Cept, you know, the whole…Heart-attack thing. That sucked. Details on Austin later…

Oh, and yesterday I took my Civil Service Exam for the Forest Ranger job! Impressions? Hm…Firstly, let it be said that I was rather annoyed I had to drive all the way to Rochester because the Buffalo facility was full. Secondly…I was annoyed that it was more of a police exam with a nature-bit attached than anything else; the first 75 questions were police-type questions…Questions that ask you to organize and interpret notes you might take on a given dispatch, interpreting the law…Stuff like that. Only the last 30 had anything to do with my area of expertise; nature and maps. And I know I got at least a few of those wrong. Don’t get me wrong; I know I got most right…But there were a few questions that didn’t test broader concepts like “define the concept of an edge effect,” but rather questions like “Gypsy moths prefer which of the following trees?” (actual question. Pretty sure it was birch, but it might have been red oak…Now I need to look it up cuz I had changed my answer at the last second: DAMNIT IT WAS OAK!!!) 

Oh well. Still, I know I did decent; the question is how I did compared to everyone else since grading results supposedly list me in percentiles compared to the rest of the state…Results in 4-6 weeks (so they say).

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  1. Glad your step-dad’s doing okay and that you apparently had such a decent time out that way. Make you think about your choice to move out that way at all? One way or the other? Just curious.

    I’ve had fried alligator and I have to agree almost 100%. I don’t think it’s something for me, you know? I like trying new things, but that doesn’t always mean I’m going to like them!

    Good luck with everything! Hopefully we’ll be able to hang out one last time before I go for good to DE (see my post about Friday for what I’m talking about). It’s exciting to start a new life, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Earl, I’m so glad your stepdad’s okay. Please give him my best wishes…and tell him to eat more salad. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip, and I’m sure you did very well on the exam, like you do almost everything else in life. Except for that moth question.

  3. well its good to see you are still alive

    I was almost done with the milk carton ad looking for news of you and we developed a new game called Where’s Earl! lol — glad you are still doing well I hope your dad recovered fine…. Look for the Ficus tree, it’s the only coverage for falling objects on auto insurance.

  4. hey arl it’s Derek. call me asap. if it is tonight 11/26/07 call till midnight

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