Celebratory Pot Roast!!

So I just came to the conclusion that my moving budget is too tight to afford the trip I was planning next week to check out the city of Austin before I move. Rental cars are too much because I’m 24 and they slap you with a rental fee of $25 additional per day because statistically young men are far more likely to wrap their vehicles around a tree than any other group of people…And then there was the hotel…And miscellaneous expenses like souveniers, gas, and eats. Things were looking grim here in Lockport. So why do I sound so happy? Because one of the dozens of people I’ve emailed re. apartments has gotten back to me and they’re willing to work something out considering my situation! 

For starters, the ad had a video attached so I could see the place I was staying in. Which brings me to the next thing. They’re gamer-geeks too! How cool is that? My room has a gladius (roman sword) hanging on the wall and the other guys in the house were playing video games in the background. I saw Magic cards on a table and various weapons on other walls too…The rent is just right for a place so suitably messy ($275+utilities). Oh, and the place is 3 miles from where I will be working. Wow. Just wow. You know how sometimes, things just seem to come together? This is one of those times…I won’t be able to move in till January and most people want someone ASAP. However if I pay 1/2 month’s rent + the security deposit they’ll hold it for me till January!

Now I’m still waiting for the response I sent, which was basically “how do I know you’re not going to screw me here?,” only worded much more politely…Any suggestions? Doesn’t Paypal have some sort of protective-service-thing?…

Oh, and the title? I have pot roast in the oven, cooked with potatoes, carrots and onions, with red wine. It just finished. But since I now have exceedingly good news, it’s become a celebratory pot roast hahaha. And it is suitable delicious…Quite possibly the tastiest thing I have ever cooked. 1 3/4 lb pot roast, red potatoes, baby carrots, 1/2 cup red wine, 1/4 cup water + ~1/4 cup flour (as thickener), seasoning mix, thrown together in a cooking bag and cooked at 400 for 1 1/2 hours. The meat is tender considering I punched it with my fists repeatedly for a few minutes to accomplish just that…I’m going to punch all of my food in the face from now on if it turns out this yummy…

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  1. Hey Earl!

    You could ask that instead of paying them directly you have the money held in escrow. Basically then the bank will tell them “Yes, we have the money, and will release it to you when Earl says so.” Or something like that. Maybe ask them if they’re amenable to something along those lines?

    Congratulations on everything falling perfectly into place! It’s like what happened for us, only without the hospital visit! 😉

    If I were around, I’d make you a celebratory ham.

    • Hm…Well the only problem I can think of re. the bank method is that they wouldn’t have the money themselves to pay off my part of the rent right away…BUT yea, that would make me feel better…

      Well you CAN make the ham anyways…I just won’t be able to eat it. But the thought would not go unappreciated haha.

  2. That sounds like fun…I want to punch my food too! *laughs*

    I’m glad things are working out. That place sounds like it will be perfect for you.

    • Yea it does sound like things will be ok…I just hope there’s nothing overly wrong with my car now. (taking it for inspection today and hoping the guy doesn’t come back with a grocery store list of things that need fixing)

  3. i shall try the meat punching method whenever i cook my chicken recipe which i have yet to give an awesome name


    its rad that everythings working out dude, and holy hell i cannot let go of the fact that that pot roast sounds delicious

  4. YOU COOKED CARROTS YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! well i DID miss you untill right now. tell me, hows that make you feel, deep down inside?
    -indignant carrot

    • Ari, I sent you a bunch of carrot pics I searched for a couple weeks ago. I think they would make a better pic; you need to change it up a little anyway. Some of them were funny. Did you ever download them?

    • It makes me feel like a fucking winner! Yea, that’s right! Because I took those carrots…Beat them…Told them they’d amount to nothing and dropped them in that cooking bag like a bad habit. And the agonized screams…Kicking puppies is one thing, but carrots…I loved every minute of it. So how that make YOU feel, knowing I utterly raped those defenseless baby carrots?!

  5. Earl, you have got to be the luckiest motherfucker in the history of the world…and I mean that in a good way. You look sweet in your pic, BTW. Oh, also: Sunday, December 16, we are baking cookies, and if you do not come to our annual cookie-baking session I will be utterly inconsolable…so you’ve got to come. I know it won’t be exactly the same without Ari there (for example, a woeful lack of cookie pornography), but I was thinking maybe we could videotape some of it for him (if I can figure out how to do it and then how to send it to him so he can watch it). Laurie and I have invited Justin as well, so you won’t be the only servant–er, guy–there.

    • Hahaha thanks re. the pic. Took that one awhile ago but never bothered to use it as an avatar for some reason.

      Dec 16th; got it. Same cookies as always? If so then I must insist that we make extra Ricotta cheese ones; we never have enough ad those are my favorite!

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