Under Obama – Hillary Clinton Music Video

Ok, I had to replace the Star Wars with this one…This is just too funny for words. It’s just…Man, I love MadTV. Watch this, ok?

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  1. So wrong. You know that, right? Just…wrong….

  2. Obama and Hillary

    OMG! OMG! And I have been accused of being twisted…. roflmao

  3. hmmmmmm

    You know after Eric watched this video, being a military individual, his only response was, ” ya know, if that actually happened, I think Bill would shoot her, if not the Dog will ( you know those People from Ar-Kansas, oh you know the kind, the “if your dog passes gas you claim it” kind..), For the simple fact that They’d be portraying a Northern Republican Lifestyle rather than a southern democratic alternate lifestyle, although considering that Hillary is a ‘New York’ senator, kinda makes you wonder… Hmm is she finally getting Bills Underwear out of her mouth?” Of course thats just Eric having a few random thoughts, can you tell he does not like democrats? If not, what the hell is he doing in new york?

    Anyways Eric and I were wondering, when you move to Tx, are you still going to do Dag? If so, you still want your quarterstaff?

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