*Waves in shorts*

Hey hey all of you out there in Buffalo! I made it to Austin A-OK, and just wanted to say hi! And hi, even if you don’t live in Buffalo…The trip down was definitely an experience to remember, let me tell you. Driving 1500 miles for 3 days straight definitely put a larger toll on me…And my car. She choked in the last 4 miles of the trip, overheated badly. But it could have been much worse; I arrived and got her fixed up, and she works good as before (mostly). The trip down will get it’s own post in due time; right now I want to talk about Austin itself.

Firstly, let me say that it’s been a long time since I’ve been in such a busy city! There’s always something going on or something to do. Rolling into town, the first thing I noticed before the “Check Engine Light” was that half the signs I was seeing were for food joints. Austin is real big on food, especially Tex-Mex. I mean, there’s at least 3 sushi places within 3 miles of my house. Just sushi. Yea.

And then there’s the weather. It’s about as warm here in winter as it is in summer in Buffalo. Low-mid 70’s, which makes working outside so nice. This last week was E-Corps training, so lots of paperwork, for one…But we also got to check out some of the areas they’ve worked in in the past, and did some light work (brush clearing on a Texas ranch and planting trees/installing benches on Saturday at an elementary school). I’m getting along great with my crew and on Wednesday-Friday we’ll be camping out at a place called Candlelight Ranch to do some team-building stuff. So far, I think I’ve made a good move. As for what to do when the 10-month program is over, not sure yet. I was thinking another road trip, only this time I’ll take my time, y’know? I rolled through most of the cities I visited…Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnatti, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Texarkana, and Dallas were the main ones. I made a few stops here and there and I’ve got some great road-moments to share, but, as I said…The trip will get it’s own post.

So…What’s new with you?

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  1. EARL!!!! I MISS YOU!!!

    Derek has something called Bell’s Palsy, an unexplained paralysis of half his face. They think it might be caused by a virus, but they’re not really certain. Most cases are temporary (weeks), although some can last for months, and a few never go away. Don’t worry too much, though–it’s probably temporary, and from what I hear he’s dealing with it well. My grandfather had it once, and he recovered just fine. You might want to give Kath and Derek a call though.

    Ari’s not going to be able to get leave until at least March. I’m disappointed, but not surprised. That will be seven months since I last saw him. These long separations are already taking their toll, and I’ve yet to actually experience any true ‘military separation,’ like prolonged deployment. I don’t think I’m well-suited to this kind of thing.

    I miss you, and I’m glad that you made it (most of the way) there, and that they were able to fix up your car. Austin sounds pretty cool; Laurie and I are going to have to come visit you on spring break, and you can show us around Austin. Maybe the three of us can see a little bit of the rest of Texas together, too.

  2. Hey! Post about the trip! πŸ˜‰

    I like reading about people’s lives, especially super-spys like you! Tell us some of your awesome adventures from on the road?

  3. Hi. Derek’s fine. I didn’t know that Texarkana was a real place, haha.

  4. good to hear all ok

    Earl! So good to know you made it to your new home ok. Things here are not bad, frigid cold but not too bad. Tomorrow is Father Christmas, you will be missed but no worries we will fight as if we had you next to us! Anyway, I hope we will see you at Ragnarock! Otherwise it may be quite sometime before we get to see ya again. Eric and I are moving next month (2/1) closer to Kath and Derek; we found this great 2 story upper and we get the basement and 2-car garage; I am excited! Well greetings and salutations from your friends in Buffalo! I can’t wait to see your trip post!

    Take care my friend.

  5. So, what’s new? Post more! πŸ™‚

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