Ugh…Ok, quite frankly, updating on EVERYTHING I’ve done in the past few months is beyond my patience, so I’ll just go from recently heh.

This week’s been going well. Instead of the usual chainsawing and dragging cedar brush, we’ve been working with rigging equipment setting up some boulders in front of a series of oak trees in danger of falling into a creek bed. It’s fun work. Hard, dirty, sweaty work in 80+ degree sun and high humidity but so much fun. See, that’s one of the cool things about this job; I get to work with all sorts of exotic tools I’d never have experience with otherwise…Chainsaws, jackhammers, mclouds, polaskis, maddocks, screwdrivers…The list is endless!

So yesterday we had an “off day” of sorts. We worked till about 1 on a trail on the Greenbelt, a strip of trails along Town Lake, working on an access trail for emergency vehicles, and finished early. We then went to today’s project to survey the job and figure out what tools we needed, and since we had a ton of free time, we goofed around with the camera. It’s become a running joke that might become a reality that we want to make a sexy E-Corps calendar. And the general vote is that my picture might make January. 

I wonder if there’s a fetish site for farmer’s tans…I bet there is.

So here’s some long-overdue shots I’ve been hoarding! Check me out!

Eating lunch with my crew at a rather nice site. We were working in Basdrop, Texas this day in February, weather was nice and cool, and this railroad bridge was scenic, to say the least. I love this shot.

This was during our practice run with the rigging equipment we used today at the same location.

Paul, my crew leader, who would probably kill me if he knew there was a shot of him floating about on the interweb.

My previous favorite hat. For some reason straw hats gravitate to me, I dunno why but I own three of them. They give me a Huckleberry Finn feel that I rather enjoy.

Mmmm, snow cones! I never liked snow cones until I had one after a wicked heat day. Mine was Cherry Sour. Delicious.

Town Lake on a nice hiking day a week back.

My house. Not my car, mind you, but my house. The tree just to the left is friggin HUGE! Beautiful Live Oak, probably about 100+ years old. About a block away there’s a field with a few Mulberry trees, and a short walk from there a pair of Loquat trees that give me some nice fruit that I sometimes supplement my lunch with when I’m extra poor. Mmm, wild foods!

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  1. haha that first picture, you’re such a dork, dude.

    glad to see youre having a good time, even with all the work youre doing. Your house is damn cool too, someday i’ll have to visit and break everythi- i mean, hang out with you

  2. Those are absolutely beautiful shots, Earl. Except, for the first one could you ask that guy to move? He’s blocking all those awesome rocks! :-p

    Glad to hear you’re doing so well. These are definitely very cool, and I love the straw hat. Order of the Straw Hat forever!

    The second picture has got to be my favorite, just because. There’s just something about it.

  3. you tall muddy drink of water you… DEAD SEXY yesss. call me sometime or ill have to call you.
    -insert a carrot here (*) (sorry thats supposed to look like a human anus but im not very skilled at 1337 art)

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